Legendary Hoard Treasure Map Locations & Rewards in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

This guide will find all four Legendary Hoard Treasure Map locations and rewards in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarök

First, you will need to exit fossil finds, dreamworld, and return to Ravensthorpe. When you arrive, the legendary Horde Treasure Map quest will automatically appear. You want to run over to the fire in Ravensthorpe and listen to each story told by Tovey Gunner Alvis and Run V. Then you’ll have four legendary treasures, all maps in your imagery, and now you need to go treasure hunting. 

Toby’s legendary horde map is a challenging one. It’s located on an island off the coast, between Southern Gold Ammo and Bungaree. Once you arrive at this location, you’ll need to look out for a large tree in the middle of the island. And once you’ve got rid of the snakes in the area, run over to it and interact with the damage boxes on the ground. You’re going to pick up 1500 ladders as a reward for your troubles, which isn’t great, to be honest with you. 

It is a legendary horde map. The Mars Palace is located in Goma at the bottom right-hand side of your map. It is a challenging map; the locations are not truly representative of where the treasure hoard should be. You want to head further down the road towards the village of Canal Thorp. And again, you need to look for a large oak tree next to a river, run over to that location where you can see candles on a rock and interact with it. 

And that’s this treasure hoard map done and dusted with another fantastic reward, not being ten nickel ingots. The third legendary treasure hoard map is Alvis, and this one is smack bang in the middle of the dam in Small-SUV Time. There are many times in spots of time, though, and you want the middle still for the dam in northern Swaledale, and you want to head to the platform below its top.

After that, you have to walk down to the waterfall in the middle of the dam, and following the opal is where you’re going to interact with the rocks on the ground for your 1000 iron ore as a reward. And don’t you go spending that all at once now. But you are moving on to the fourth and final legendary hoard map called Run vs Tale. 

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