Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes

In LEGO® MARVEL Avengers, experience an all-new storyline, enhanced graphics, and gameplay. Take control of the most powerful superheroes and assemble LEGO® Marvel’s finest Super Heroes in this epic new video game! Whether you’re a child, an adult, or even someone who plays video games exclusively on their iPad, this game will give them hours of fun!

Active Codes

2K8QCGUse it to get A-Bomb
3ZDB2WUse it to get Amadeus Cho
4AKZ4GUse it to get Silver Centurion (mark 33)
5MZ73EUse it to get Fast Build [Red Block]
5MZ73EUse it to get Fast Build
8HG9HCUse it to get Bengal
93NNGBUse it to get Chase
9KFJ7AUse it to get Quinjet (Mini) [Vehicle]
A7BRT4Use it to get Veil
BTS8M6Use it to get Cottonmouth
D4RREHUse it to get Tigra
JWRGP4Use it to get Thunderstrike
JYJAFXUse it to get Minikit Detector [Red Block]
JYJAFXUse it to get Minikit Detector
K66TQPUse it to get Speed
M562MBUse it to get Mantis
MFUPE7Use it to get Skaar
MJNFAJUse it to get Butter Ball
N4YANBUse it to get Quasar
R9CWTFUse it to get Swordsman
RABVV7Use it to get Firebird
UNECSYUse it to get Diamondback
WU9YBFUse it to get Finesse
XP9QX9Use it to get Striker
ZNCK2SUse it to get Count Nefaria