Light Machine Guns in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 features semi-automatic, and automatic Light Machine guns. The bullet rate of these guns is very high so that you can counter a huge number of enemies. 

Light Machine Gun NamesDescription
LCMGLCMG is a gun that shoots bullets. It shoots 600 bullets per minute, and it takes 5.83 seconds to reload part of the gun and 6.7 seconds to reload the whole gun. The bullets go 660 meters per second and have a 9.81-meter drop. It is automatic or semi-automatic.
PKP PechenegThe PKP Pecheneg is a machine gun you can unlock at rank 32. It fires 800 rounds per minute and has a 6.76 second partial reload time, and it also has a 7.86 second empty reload time. The gun has a velocity of 800 meters per second and a bullet drop of 9.81 meters per second squared.
PKP-BPPKP-BP is a primary weapon in Battlefield 2042 that you can unlock at rank 32, and it takes 5 to 7 bullets to kill. It has an automatic fire mode, and the rate of fire is 850.
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