A vast majority of people who are fond of playing Pokémon games are well aware of the fact that the legendary Pokémon are the strongest among all!

Although, there are so many Pokémon with incredible strength, there are 10 incredibly strong pokemon you must know about! The topic is intuitive and the opinions about what makes a Pokémon strong may differ.

Below is a list of 10 legendary Pokémon that are considered to be the strongest Pokémon of all times (in my opinion)

  1. Kyurem white (the boundary pokemon)

This legend could have a better ranking if he had inconsequential flaws in his game plan. Kyurem is an ice-dragon combination that is versatile and has multiple strengths. His powerful base attack of 170 can cause some serious devastation. Sadly, his combination is ordinary which, at times, make him defenseless against the enemies blow. Despite his weaknesses he occupies 10th Place in the list of the strongest legendary Pokémon.

  1. Dialga

With his half steel half dragon body, it won’t be wrong to name him cyborg (one of its kind). Owing to this combination, he is blessed with strong defense and offence abilities that make him strong against his contenders. Additionally Dialga has the ability to slow down, speed up or even stop time. He can wreak serious havoc to the dissidents. Despite being a legend, Diagla is not flawless. Fighting and ground is a couple of his weaknesses. Beside this, he is an eminent legend and is ranked 9th in the list.

  1. Xerneas (the legendary fairy pokemon)

His versatility makes him one of the toughest contenders to defeat. Xerneas has numerous moves that can cause any opponent to capitulate in front of him. Being a fairy type, Xerneas maintains an exquisite winning record! With his plus and minus, he is ranked 7th out of 10 in the list of the strongest pokemon!

  1. Deoxys

Deoxys is a fabulous pokemon and has multitude of immaculate moves under his belt. He is capable of taking any role according to the situation. He is hard contender to deal with due to his lightning fast speed and violent attacks that inflict great damage on the victims. Although, Deoxy has a higher ranking but he is not unblemished. His body is made up of glass which makes him sensitive and an easy rival for the enemies.

  1. Groudon

This pokemon is weird and has a peculiar nature. He has got serious talent that ranks him 6th in the list. Gourdon, the legend, is at his best when he uses his ultimate potential. He has an exquisite colossal and strong defense which makes him highly resistant to combos. His ability to desolate land during water moves makes him superior to other legendary pokemon in the list.

  1. Kyogre (The Sea Basin Pokemon)

Kyogre has exceedingly deceptive moves that can leave his rivals surprised. This eminent character is best in its primal form. The remarkable kyogre has the ability to raise the level of oceans buy forming clouds on the sky and making them rain. This incredible specie has got a solid defense and a gigantic size that makes him less vulnerable to combos.

  1. Darkai (The pitch black pokemon)

Unlike other legendary pokemon, Darkai doesn’t possess extraordinary strength. Although he is comparatively weak yet he has got certain tricky moves in his books. He proficiently uses his move “dark void” that can send his opponents to sleep. This exclusive ability ranks him 4th in the list of strongest legendary pokemon!

  1. Arceus

Arceus due to his extraordinary competence earns the title of “God”. As his name suggests, he is considered as the sole architect of this universe and everything that exists. Arcues is a multi type character who is capable of transforming into several types depending on the type of plate he holds in his hands. Owing to his superb moves he can wreck massive damage to his opponents.

  1. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a monster who really wishes to rule the world. He considers this world his kingdom. Being as quick as a tracer bullet, Mewtwo can blow any opponent that it encounters in the twinkling of an eye. This monster’s ability to control and even remove the minds of humans is nothing short of brilliant!

Mewtwo is brutal contender that shows no empathy to his rivals. He is there with an ambition to give a licking to his opponents!

  1. Rayquaza

Rayquza (gold medalist) stands at the top of the list due to his stunning abilities. He is considered in- famous owing to some of his moves. With moves like sky-scraping attack and special attack, he is a hard nut to encounter. Rayquaza immense power is primarily due to the mega evolution that it undergoes and that’s what makes him an offensive contender. He is so powerful that many opponents are extremely scared to face him in a battle. Considering all his qualities, it’s futile to argue that why he is ranked 1st in the list of the strongest legendary pokemon of all times.

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