Loot Shark Location Guide – Fortnite

In this challenge guide, you will get to know about the locations of the loot sharks in Fortnite. It will also tell you how you can provide damage to a loot shark.  

The first thing you will need to do is make your way to the location on the map. You can easily find the loot sharks inside the Coral Castle or from near the actual shark. 

When you reach there, you will find the loot shark near the castle in the sea. 

You will need to land near the loot shark and hit her with your weapons; you have to give the shark five hundred of the damage. So you need to shoot it till it gets five hundred of the damage and dodge the shark’s attacks. 

And through this way, you can complete this challenge; you also need to complete this challenge in the solo mode because if you do squad or rumble matches, it will take time, and you cannot do it in a single attempt.

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