Lost Ark – Controls Guide

Lost Ark is an online role-playing game for Windows PCs having both PvE and PvP elements.  The players will need to customize their characters and level them up by completing the storyline.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Lost Ark.

Basic Actions

SkillsQ, W, E, R
A, S, D, F
Press Q, W, E, R
A, S, D, F to Use Skills
Pick Up / InteractGPress G to Pick Up / Interact
Movement / Stand UpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Move
AttackCPress C to Attack

Main Menu

Extended Minimap OverlayTabPress Tab to Extended Minimap Overlay
Auto-MoveTPress T to Auto-Move
Emotes ListYPress Y to Emotes List
Friend ListUPress U to Friend List
InventoryIPress I to Open Inventory
Affinity InfoOPress O to Affinity Info
Character InfoPPress P to Open Character Info
Quest JournalJPress J to Open Quest Journal
Combat SkillsKPress K to Open Combat Skills
Lift SkillsLPress L to Lift Skills
HUDBPress B to HUD
Adventure BookNPress N to Open Adventure Book
World MapMPress M to Open World Map

Items and Interactions

Potion SlotF1Press F1 to Potion Slot
Music InstrumentF2Press F2 to Music Instrument
Mount SlotF3Press F3 to Mount Slot
Quest Item UseF4Press F4 to Quest Item Use
Battle Item Slot1, 2, 3, 4Press 1, 2, 3, and 4 to Battle Item Slot
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