Lowest Drop Chance Items % – Terraria

There are many game items in Terraria like Blessed Apple, Fast Clock, Gold helmet, and more. All of these items come with a drop probability. This guide will provide you with the drop chances of all the items in Terraria.

   NameDrop ChancesComparison
Fast Clock0.50%Fast Clock drops from Pixie.
Depth Meter0.50%It drops from cave Bat.
Cutlass0.50%Cutlass drops from pirates.
blindfold0.50%The Dark Mummy drops Blindfold.
Blessed Apple0.50%Blessed Apple drops from hallow enemies.
Gold helmet0.50%It drops from the skeleton.
Bone sword0.49%The skeleton drops the Bone sword.
Zombie Arm0.40%Zombie Arm drops from Zombie.
Dealth Sickle0.40%The Dealth Sickle drops from Reaper.
Chain Knife0.40%The cave bat drops the Chain Knife.
Broken Hero Sword0.40%Broken Hero Sword drops from Frankenstein & swamp thing.
Bone Wand0.40%Angry Bones cursed skull & Dark caster drops Bone Wand.
Plumber’s Hat0.33%It drops from the Fire Imp.
Keybrand0.33%Armoured bones drop the Key brand.
Clothier Voodoo Doll0.33%Clothier Voodoo Doll drops from angry bones & Dark caster.
Amarok0.33%It drops from the snow biome hard mode enemies.
Wisp in a Bottle0.25%The Armored Bones drops Wisp in a Bottle.
Magnet Sphere0.25%It drops from the Armored bones.
Cascade0.25%Cascade drops from the hell enemies after skeletron but before hard mode.
Amarok0.22%It drops from armored bones.
Ancient necro helmet0.22%Angry bones & Dark caster drops from Ancient necro helmet.
skull0.20%The Skull drops from the skeleton.
Rod of discord0.20%Rod of discord drops from the Chaos Elemental.
Robot Hat0.20%It drops from analer fish & piranna.
Eye patch0.20%Pirates drop the Eye patch.
Lizard Egg0.10%It drops from flying snakes & lihzhards.
KO Cannon0.10%KO Cannon drops during the hard mode blood moon.
Pirate Staff0.05%Pirates drop the Pirate Staff.
Bloody machete0.05%Bloody machete drops from all enemies during Halloween.
bladed glove0.05%It drops from all enemies during Halloween.
Discount card0.05%Pirates drop the Discount card.
Summons0.04%All hardmode enemies drop it.
keys + Molds0.04%It is a hardmode biome drop.
Lucky Coin0.03%The Lucky Coin drops from pirate deckhand, pirate corsair, Pirate deadeye, Pirate crossbow.
Slime staff0.01%It drops from most slimes.
Coin Gun0.01%The Coin Gun drops by Pirate Deckhand, Pirate Cargair, Pirate Deadeye, Pirate crossbower.
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