Luna Discordia Codes 2022

Luna Discordia is a semi automatic role playing game. The game features a variety of heroes, you will need to pick them up and make the best team combination. Every character of the team will play a different role and they will make theri progress automatically because this is an AFK game. The timing of your attacking moves will have a great impact in fights. You can download the Luna Discordia game for free from the Apple app store and Google play store. 

Luna Discordia Active Codes

MHD2LN9W6LUse it to get x3 Summon Scroll

Luna Discordia Expired Codes

FBD1OQKU8JUse it to get x30 Lesser Forge Core
FBD22QRPIUUse it to get x10 Soulmark
FBD4UU9AJQUse it to get x5 Wing of Virtue, x3 Summon Scroll
FBDA7A38SOUse it to get x10 Wing of Virtue
FBDBQXPYZUse it to get x10 Summon Scroll
FBDCI36SCBUse it to get x5 Summon Scroll
FBDDQ5SIJHUse it to get x150000 Sunstone
FBDH2DS8OQUse it to get x100 Diamond, x30 Lesser Forge Core
FBDOG3KFM3Use it to get x10 Summon Scroll
FBDPE2WB2PUse it to get x200 Diamond
FBDQCT1WU7Use it to get x120 Summon Shard
FBDUUR68DWUse it to get x5 Soulmark, x5 Summon Scroll
FBDWCHPCMQUse it to get x150000 Sunstone
FBDY1KVICWUse it to get 1 million Golds
LD2021Use it to get x150 Energy, x5 Summon Scroll, x150000 Gold

How To Redeem Luna Discordia Codes ?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Luna Discordia:

  1. Open up the game and go to settings.
  2. You will find your PID there. 
  3. After that, open this link and enter the PID 
  4. Input the code and press the enter button to get an immediate output. 

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