Luna Storia RE Codes 2022

Luna Storia RE is a free-to-play role-playing strategy game. The heroes in the game are divided into different classes, and every hero comes with unique skills. You will need to summon to battle against the enemies. Collect generals to defeat the most powerful enemies. Once the battle starts, you will need to allocate different positions to your heroes to attack the enemies. Luna Storia RE also features dungeons where you will come in contact with epic bosses. Use your attacks wisely to provide serious damage.  Luna Storia RE is featured for free on android and IOS mobile phones.  

Active Codes

520LOVEUUse it to get x500 Gem, x4 Mana Chest 6h, x4 Gold Chest 6h and x4 Ascension Stone Chest 6h
7C5W3ZWP2LUse it to get Gem x888, Core Summon Ticket x10, Ruins Coin x8888 and Seal of Valor x8888
8OONO1DHJDUse it to get Summon Ticket x10 and Morganite x5K
FBDMV916CNUse it to get x5 Ascension Stone 6h and x300 Gems
FBDX4HMGB3Use it to get x300 Gem and x120 SR Summon Crystal Fragment
GLOBALOPENUse it to get x10 Core Summon Ticket, x30 SSR Summon Crystal Fragment and x2 Ascension Stone Chest 2h
HB5A1TL6OYUse it to get Gem x600, SR Summon Crystal Fragment x300 and Stamina x80
open8888Use it to get x10 Summon Ticket, x1200 Gem, x1 Mana Chest 24h, x1 Gold Chest 24h and x1 Ascension Stone Chest 24h
SHY1P9D7LXUse it to get x600 Gem, x5 Summon Ticket and x60 SR Summon Crystal Fragment
TTE6LMHRKEUse it to get x20 Owl Treat
TVOPEN666Use it to get x600 Gems and x10 Summon Tickets
TW1D5ASBDFUse it to get x300 Gem and x300 SR Summon Crystal Fragment
X3KAA7UEXWUse it to get x1200 Gem, x5 Water SR Summon Crystal and x30 Owl Treat
XTB3Q3QOAVUse it to get Gem x666 and SSR Summon Crystal Fragment x30

How to use the promo code in Luna Storia RE?

You can enter the codes in Luna Storia RE by following the steps below:

  1. Step 1: First, you will need to open the official redemption website of Luna Storia RE:
  2. Step 2: Then input your player id in the “PID” text box.
  3. Step 3: Enter your code in the “Promo Code” section and then strike the “Submit” button to receive a reward. 

How to get Luna Storia RE codes?

Luna Storia RE promo codes are released on different websites. In this article, we will provide you with all the codes to get your desired rewards in Luna Storia RE. And we will update the list once the new codes arrive.

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