MADNESS: Project Nexus – Controls Guide

MADNESS: Project Nexus is a third-person beat ’em Up game that is filled with button-mashing brutality and a lot of action. The players will need to stab, shoot, bash, chop, and slaughter the opponents in over 16 hours of intense combat. 

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play MADNESS: Project Nexus.


Movements (Double tap to run)W A S DPress W A S D to Move
AttackLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Attack
Block / Brace Aim / Shoot Left HandRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Block
Kick / Pistol WhipMouse Wheel ButtonPress Mouse Wheel Button to Kick
Pick Up WeaponQPress Q to Pick Up the Weapon
Deploy ThrowableGPress G to Deploy Throwable
InteractEPress E to Interact
DodgeSpacebarPress Spacebar to Dodge
Swap WeaponsTabPress Tab to Swap Weapons
Swap Team Mate (Hold to issue order)CtrlPress Ctrl to Swap Team Mate
Heavy Attack / HeadshotShift + Left Mouse ButtonPress Shift + Left Mouse Button to Heavy Attack / Headshot
Pick Up to Off-HandShift + QPress Shift + Q to Pick Up to Off-Hand
Throw WeaponShift + Q + Left Mouse ButtonPress Shift + Q + Left Mouse Button to Throw Weapon
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