Mangler in Halo Infinite

This guide will explain why the Mangler is very strong in Halo Infinite. 

It takes three shots from the Mangler to kill a spartan, two shots to deplete the shield, and one final shot to the head. Mangler will take four shots if you do not hit a headshot once the shields are down.

The main beauty of the mangler is the ability to kill a spartan in a very short time with a single shot anywhere on the body into a melee attack.

It is pretty insane compared to the sidekick requiring four shots into a melee.

It is also because some banished weapons, specifically the Mangler and the skewer, actually have more significant melee damage than every ranged weapon.

When paired with Grapplesshot or thrusters, getting a few easy kills can be very easy, particularly in close quarters.

The Mangler melee combo is cheeky.

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