Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List 2023 (Best Characters)

Mario Golf: Super Rush is a golf sports game released worldwide in 2021. It features different characters from the Mario franchise and various golf clubs. You have to get the ball into each hole as early as possible, and you can use different gold skills to pot the ball in a minimum number of tries and win the game. 

The leading character in tier S is Rosalina; it is highly recommended to pick her up. Boo and Bowser are the most prominent characters in A tier; they also perform well in the game. The best ones in the B tier are Wario and Waluigi. Donkey Kong and Chargin’ Chuck rank in the C tier. 

Some characters in tier D are Yoshi and Luigi; they are just average characters. Daisy King Bob-omb ranks in tier E, while Peach and Mario rank in F tier. 

Table of Contents

    S Tier


    A Tier

    Boo, Bowser

    B Tier

    Wario, Waluigi

    C Tier

    Donkey Kong, Chargin’ Chuck

    D Tier

    Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser Jr.

    E Tier

    Daisy, King Bob-omb, Pauline, Toad

    F Tier

    Peach, Mario

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