Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List

Marvel Contest of Champions is a 2D fighting game that was originally released in 2014. The game is featuring all the popular heroes and villains of the Marvel universe including Wolverine, Hulk, Iron Man and many more. It will have a traditional fight between them. You have to make your best team to beat the villains and heroes of the classic Marvel Universe. At the start of the game, there will be only two fighters available for you but as you proceed further, more number of fighters will become playable. 

Every fighter comes with his own playstyle and fighting moves. You can play the Marvel Contest of Champions game alone or with your friends. You can build an alliance with your friends to fight the difficult opponents of the Marvel universe. The  game is available on the Google play store and Apple app store for free, you can download it anytime and mesmerize yourself with this massive fighting game.

Tier S

ChampionClassSignature Ability
Guillotine 2099TechAdvanced A.I. Integration (Passive)
Nick FurySkillUnblockable State
Omega RedMutantLethal Dose (Passive)
SunspotMutantGideon’s Experiments (Passive)
GhostTechQuantum Augmentation (Passive)
QuakeScienceRicochet Pulse
Human TorchScienceRekindle
ColossusMutantThe Mighty Colossus
Captain America (Infinity War)ScienceLeadership
HyperionCosmicCosmic Potential
DominoMutantCritical Failure
VoidScienceFear of the Void
ThingScienceUnbreakable Spirit
Captain MarvelCosmicBinary Durability
Corvus GlaiveCosmicGlaive of Immortality
Doctor DoomMysticIndomitable Will
ArchangelMutantIncreased Toxicity (Passive)
NamorMutantHydrokinetic Armor (Passive)

Tier A

ChampionClassSignature Ability
GwenpoolSkillPlot Armor
Iron ManTechArc Overload
MorningstarMysticSoul Link
MojoMysticBig Mojo Energy (Passive)
IcemanMutantAbsolute Zero
Sorcerer SupremeMysticRing of Oblivion (Passive)
Doctor VoodooMysticBrother Daniel
Cull ObsidianCosmicEnforced Oblivion
Black WidowSkillSubtlety
MagikMysticDarkchyld (Passive)
Silver SurferCosmicEnergies of the Universe
SabretoothMutantUntamed Heart
ProximaCosmicUltimate Mission
Spider-Man (Stark Suit)TechHero’s Mantra
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)SkillS.H.I.E.L.D. Enhanced Spider
SentinelTechAnalysis Upgrade
Symbiote SupremeMysticSymbiomancy
GuardianTechWeapon Alpha
Wolverine (Weapon X)MutantBoundless Rage (Passive)
BladeSkillVampiric Immortality
LongshotMysticFortune Favors the Lucky
Hit MonkeySkillThe Monkey, The Myth, The Legend (Passive)
VenomCosmicAggressive Symbiosis
Luke CageScienceTough it Out
She-HulkScienceCiting Precedent
HavokMutantPlasma Amplification (Passive)
Red GuardianScienceEnhanced Combat Durability
MedusaCosmicLiving Strands

Tier B

ChampionClassSignature Ability
Ghost RiderMysticSpirit of Vengeance
Spider-GwenScienceEnhanced Weave
TigraMysticWarrior Spirit
Black WidowSkillSubtlety
MephistoMysticBurning Aura
Wolverine (X-23)MutantFrenzy
Invisible WomanScienceVanishing Act
DarkhawkTechNull Space Upgrades
Kamala KhanCosmicMorphogenetics (Passive)
Mister SinisterMutantEngineered Perfection
Scarlet WitchMysticVeil of Fortune
Star-LordTechTactician (Passive)
Winter SoldierSkillEMP Upgrade
Night ThrasherSkillBoard to Death (Passive)
SasquatchMysticOld Beast of the North
CarnageCosmicBloodlust (Passive)
Squirrel GirlSkillTippy-Toe Level Up
HulkScienceHulk Rage (Passive)
WaspScienceQuantum Evade
MysterioTechLethal Gas (Passive)
AngelaCosmicBattle Focus (Passive)
HelaCosmicGoddess of Death
ThorCosmicRagnarok (Passive)
WolverineMutantCellular Regeneration

Tier C

ChampionClassSignature Ability
Task MasterSkillIntuitive Pattern Recognition
HeimdallCosmicAll Seeing
CrossbonesSkillHYDRA Training
The HoodMysticDark Dealing
Doctor OctopusTechAcademic Background
The ChampionCosmicPrimal Fury
TerraxCosmicGalactus’ Favor
Black BoltCosmicProvocation
Ant-ManSciencePym Gas Control
GuillotineMysticAncestors’ Strength
Mole ManSkillGiganto Jr.’s Revenge (Passive)
RonanCosmicEdict (Passive)
Old Man LoganMutantPop the Claws
AnnihilusCosmicTremble Before Me (Passive)
DormammuMysticSoul Leech
RogueMutantPsyche Absorption
Captain America (WW2)ScienceSafeguard (Passive)

Tier D

ChampionClassSignature Ability
BeastMutantChain Combo
Superior Iron ManCosmicArc Overload (Passive)
DiabloMysticArcane Innovation
UltronTechNano-Inhibitors (Passive)
PhoenixCosmicRight of the Phoenix (Passive)
KangTechKang Armor
PunisherSkillDefy Pain (Passive)
Agent VenomSkillKlyntar Rage (Passive)
Iron FistMysticFocus
ElectroScienceElectrostatic (Passive)
GoldpoolMutantDouble Regen = Double Fun
Iron PatriotTechArc Overload
Thor (Jane Foster)MysticAll-Mother’s Blessing
Red SkullTechCube Affinity (Passive)
RhinoScienceRhino Armor (Passive)
GambitMutantRagin’ Cajun
Civil WarriorTechArc Shield (Passive)
Black Panther (Classic)SkillLacerate
Green GoblinTechOscorp Weaponry
Doctor StrangeMysticCounterspell (Passive)
King GrootCosmicUnyielding Might
MODOKScienceMaster Plan
War MachineTechEmpty the Clip
KorgSkillRock Hard Thorns
KingpinSkillTrue Nature
Rocket RacoonTechFurocity (Passive)
DaredevilSkillRadar Sense

Tier F

ChampionClassSignature Ability
SentryScienceMolecular Reformation
Unstoppable ColossusMysticUnstoppable
MagnetoMutantSuperior Mutation
KarnakSkillSecond Tower Training
VenompoolCosmicContinuity Memory
Deadpool (X-Force)MutantDuodenum Poke
GrootCosmicGentle Giant
Howard the DuckTechMash ALL the Buttons!
VultureTechThermal Absorption (Passive)
Black Panther (Civil War)SkillPanther Habit
Joe FixitScienceDouble Down (Passive)
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