Master Hunter Challenge – Kill the Legendary Panther “Giaguaro” : RDR2

Master Hunter 10: Find And Kill The Legendary Panther “Giaguaro”

You will need to complete Chapter 1 as a prerequisite. The reward for this challenge is “Master Hunter Holster Available At Any Trapper”. 

This guide will let you know how to complete Master Hunter 10 challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Firstly, go to the following location:

You will need to follow the yellow tracks after entering the Legendary Animal area. After inspecting the animal carcass, you’ll find the panther hiding in the bushes.

You can use the Cover Scent Lotion to mask your presence and go left or right over the hill to have a better view of the panther.

Once killed, you have to skin the animal, put the carcass on your horse and sell everything to the Trapper.

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