Maxis Match Eyebrows (Male + Female): Sims 4 CC (List)

If you’re looking to add style to your Sims character with beautiful Eyebrows, then check out the following list:

Taiga Eyebrows by opium-honey

Taiga Eyebrows are the perfect accessory for Sims 4! They are high-quality eyebrows that will add realism and excitement to your Sim’s expressions. With Taiga Eyebrows, your Sim can show off its creative side with an exciting new look.

Female T-E Maxis Eyebrows Redone – Non-Default and Default Versions by Simmiller

This exciting CC allows you to completely redo your Sims’ eyebrows in style. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or just want to change up your look, this mod is perfect for you!

Lavinia Eyebrows by PeachyFaerie

With Lavinia Eyebrows, you can create the perfect eyebrows for your Sims 4 character. They are finely crafted and flattering, perfect for fashion-savvy Sims who want to look their best.

Marianna Eyebrows by PeachyFaerie

These eyebrows add an exciting tone to your Sim’s face. They come in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect one for your Sim.

Maxis Match Eyebrows #02 by crazycupcakefr13

These realistic eyebrows are perfect for Embellished and natural styles in The Sims 4. Try this CC in your Sims 4 game to make your Sim look even better.

Peppermint & Ginger Eyebrows by pepper-ginger

These iconic eyebrows are the perfect addition to any Sims 4 wardrobe, and their energizing tone will keep your Sims looking fresh all day. Whether you’re dressing up for a party or just want to add an extra pop of color to your look, these eyebrows are sure to get you noticed.

Faaeish Eyebrow Recolors in Sorbets Remix by gladly

Faaeish Eyebrow Recolors give your Sims the perfect eyebrows for any look. Whether you want natural-looking eyebrows or something more dramatic, Faaeish has the color for you!

Come to Mama Eyebrows by Cubersims

Give your sims the perfect eyebrows they’ve always wanted with Mama Eyebrows. This CC adds a new look to your Sims.

MM Eyebrows N18 – Dolce by Pralinesims

These finely crafted eyebrows are perfect for your Sims 4 needs! They provide an exciting tone that will make your Sims look their best.

MM Eyebrows N03 – Supreme by Pralinesims

These realistic eyebrows add an exciting new dimension to your Sim’s appearance, and are sure to turn heads wherever they go!

MM Eyebrows N19 – Anastasia by Pralinesims

With a variety of tones and styles to choose from, MM Eyebrows will give your Sims the perfect look for any occasion!

Maxis Match Eyebrow Pack N02 by Pralinesims

This exciting collection of new eyebrows for Sims 4 provides perfect eyebrows for every look, from natural to dramatic.

Ronnie Brows V1 & V2 by ht0

Ronnie Brows is the perfect solution for Sims who want realistic eyebrows that look great on any Sim. The link below is perfect for spicing up your Sims 4 experience.

Cupid Eyebrows by peachyfaerie

These unique eyebrows add a touch of excitement to any Sim’s look. You can download this CC at the link below to try it out and make your Sim look cool.

Rhythm Eyebrows Set by vanila Sims

With Rhythm Eyebrows Set, your Sims will look amazing with their perfect eyebrows! The link below is perfect for spicing up your Sims 4 experience.

Eyebrows N3 by vibrantpixels

Eyebrows are a defining feature for any Sims 4 player. They add personality, style and expressiveness to your Sim’s face.

Eyebrow Packs 3 & 4 by rheallsim

Eyebrow Packs are the perfect way to add personality to your Sims 4 character. Each pack includes a selection of beautiful eyebrow textures and styles, so you can create any brow look you want.

Eyebrows Set N1 by Prichalnaya

This unique Sims 4 CC lets you easily fill in your eyebrows with the perfect shade and style. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to spruce up your everyday look, the Eyebrows Set is perfect for you.

Stretchskeleton Eyebrow Packs 01 + 02 by stretchskeleton

With Stretchskeleton Eyebrow Packs you can now create the perfect eyebrows for your Sims 4 character! Experience The Sims 4 game with a new style with this CC.

Rabbit Brows by simulationcowboy

These realistic, brow-raising eyebrows add the perfect finishing touch to any sims 4 makeup look.

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