Mechwarrior 5 Tier List 2022 (Best Mech Ranks)

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is an action simulation game released worldwide in 2019. You will take the role of a BattleMech that can destroy huge cities. The game features more than 50 mechs, and you have to beat your opponents by blowing them off completely. You can play it on Windows PC, Xbox, and Playstation. 

The most prominent characters in tier S are Raven and Annihilator. They are light mech and assault mech, respectively. Spider is a light mech, and Kintaro is a medium mech in tier A

Crab and Hunchback are the best characters in tier B. Javelin and Wolfhound rank in the C tier. Both of them are light mechs. Panther is a light mech, and Vindicator is a medium mech in D tier. Commando and Flea rank in the E tier, while Urban Mech ranks in the F tier.

Table of Contents

    S Tier

    Bullet Bill
    Red Shell
    Super Bell
    Mega Mushroom
    Blue Shell
    Bowser’s Shell
    Super Horn
    Lucky Seven

    A Tier

    Giga Bob-omb
    Triple Green Shells
    Triple Mushrooms
    Giant Banana
    Super Star
    Fire Flower
    Mushroom Cannon

    B Tier

    Yoshi’s Egg
    Birdo’s Egg
    Green Shell
    Triple Bananas
    Double Bob-ombs
    Bob-omb Cannon
    Boomerang Flower
    Ice Flower

    C Tier

    Banana Barrels

    D Tier

    Dash Ring
    Coin Box

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