Mega Heroes Gift Codes

Mega Heroes is a role-playing adventure game that was released worldwide in 2020. Mega Heroes provides you with the feature to fully customize your character. Compete against other players in PvP battles and show who is the strongest. You can also add your friends along with you to counter the monsters and opponent guilds. Become an ultimate mega hero and fight for your glory. You can download the Mega Heroes for free from the Google play store and Apple app store.  

Mega Heroes Gift CodesRewards
pa7z8zu5Use it to get B-ingots*200 Wings Pill*3 Pet Essence*3 Soulmaster Dew*3 Won.
pa77ntaiUse it to get B-ingots*200, Wings Pill*3, Pet Essence*3, Soulmaster Dew*3 Won.
mua666Use it to get 30 soul power instructions, 12 pet essence, 5 roses for friendship gift, 1 wing promotion pill, and 2 divine weapons promote stone as well.
goddessM4399Use it to get pet essence, 3 soul master dew, and 1 wings pill as well.
goddessMUse it to get one GoddessM title.
gm4399Use it to get 12 wings pill, 3 pet essence, and 17 soulmate dew.

How to Redeem Mega Heroes Gift Code ?

You can redeem codes in Mega Heroes by just following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the “ bonus option”.and click on it when you reach level 50.
  • Then you will see a new tab pop up and so you have to click on the  “Exchange gift“ option.
  • After that you have to enter the code in the box.
  • And then you have to Click on the “Submit” to get rewards in the game.

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