Memory of the Fallen Trophy in Cristales

This guide will provide everything you need to know about the Memory of the fallen trophy in CrisTales. 

Table of Contents

    Get the side quest from Noah

    You will need to head to Mt, Thysia. 

    Find and rescue Noah from wolves. 

    You have to defeat the wolves and speak to Noah. 

    He will ask you to gather five flowers, so you have to find the five flowers now, and you will need to head back to the town. 

    Flower #1-Blue

    The blue flower (#1) is in the past near Peter’s house. 

    Flower #2-Orange

    You have to speak to Richard about the orange flower. 

    Flower #3-Green

    Speak to Isabelle for the green flower. 

    Flower #4- Purple

    Purple flowers are in the past with all the citizens.

    Flower #5-Red

    You can find the last red flower in the past to the left near the stairs.

    The next thing you will need to do is make your way back to Noah.

    Noah will give you a bouquet and ask you to take them to the memorial.

    After that, you have to travel back to the forest.

    Leave flowers at the memorial, and place the flowers. You will be attacked by wolves there.

    You have to defeat these wolves. 

    And then interact with the memorial again. 

    Next, you will need to return to Noah again. 

    Return to Noah for your prize/trophy

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