Menyoo Not Working: Fixed (GTA 5)

MENYOO is a GUI trainer mod for the GTA 5 game. In this brief guide, you will get to know how to solve the issue of “MENYOO Not Working” for GTA V on PC.

As most of the people have downloaded Menyoo and are having problems with it. So here is the simple solution to fix this problem.

If you have not downloaded the menyoo, then first download it to your PC.

After downloading, open the file. Then open up the compressed file with a zip, 7-zip or WinRar.

These two files you need, menustuff and menyoo.asi. Many people had problems after they installed these two. The menyoo.asi starts to disappear once the game starts. So let’s see how to keep menu.asi inside of the game. When you start the game, you need to press F8 and the menu will pop up. Now open up your GTA V directory and take these two files menuStuff and menu.asi into this directory. Now you have these two files installed into your directory and now minimize this directory window.

Now open up the security software whichever you have in your PC.

Open PC security and click on real time scanning.

This little window will pop up and will do real time scanning, do not click the turn off button. Only thing you should press is excluding files.

Now add menu.asi into your excluded files. Once you click on excluded files it will open up then it will have an option to add file, click on add file and go to find your directory to get menu.asi file.

Once you click menu.asi go ahead and open this file, you will see your file there in the security wizard you have opened. It is quite simple just find your security system whichever you have then click on real time scanning and then click on excluded files go ahead and add the menu.asi file from GTA 5 directory.

Close all the windows and go to open the game to check everything we have done so far is working or not.

When the game loads, you have to press F8 twice, the first time you press it, you will hear a sound.

The second time you press it the menyoo will open up means you have it ready for you.

Now for the people who have troubles downloading the file to begin with. Those who are clicking the download button but the file is not downloading or downloaded have an empty zip.

You people have to go to your security system and turn your anti-virus wall off while you download the mod menyoo. Then you can install it and can then follow up all the steps shown above and then turn on the anti-virus security system, as that is the only way to get your file downloaded to your PC. as your anti-virus trying to protect your system from viruses but this is not a virus it actually has a Trojan inside that restricts or stopping it to work but anyways you have to turn your antivirus off in order to download it into your system.

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