Meteor Storm Guide for Wizard – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

It is a quick road to Meteor Storm guide for Wizard in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

Meteor Storm is a powerful AOE skill for a wizard. You can unlock this skill using Acis Monument, which you get after joining a guild.

Daily contribution allows you to expand the rune unlock more attacks and stat for your character.

The list updates every six hours, and only one gold medal appears per day.

If you need 2 Gold in one day, you have to donate double to get the second gold. You will need to advance 2nd Job, finish the quest, kill 50 Orc Archer, and collect 15 shards from ruin. 

After finishing the quest, you will unlock tier2 for your rune. Your Meteor Storm will be at the top right. Here is an example of how to activate the Meteor Storm.

Lv4 MeteorStorm 

Req:52 Gold, 31800 Contrib 

Lv5 MeteorStorm

Req:64 Gold, 33600 Contrib

Lv6 MeteorStorm 

Req: 76 Gold, 33600 Contrib

Lv7 Meteor Storm

Req: 88 Gold, 38400 Contrib

And there was an Extra DPS for MeteorStorm. 

Fire Pillar rune adds additional damage to MeteorStorm; it allows you to create Fire Pillar. Upon hitting one target, the target that gets near it will receive damage.

File pillar burns damage  > 147759. 

Lv7 Meteor Storm (with max fire pillar)

Req: 160 Gold, 66900 Contrib

Equipment Guide 

Early games focus on MATK after meteor storm focuses on cast time reduction. 

Recommended weapons:  

Wizardry staff

The cheap and cost-effective weapon, it provides a total of 244 MATK, higher than wizardry staff. 

It also provides a huge magic attack at tier 3 244 MATK. You can keep using this or saint staff until you get a meteor storm. 

Eye of dullahan 

You will need to change to wizardry staff after you have eyes of dullahan, or else the survivor’s rods are always better than wizardry staff. Also, wizardry staff will be your end-game weapons. 

Mage coat 

You have to upgrade to tier 3 and end up getting robbed of the cast. The only armor that wizards use.  

Staunch cape & staunch shoe

Get a staunch shoe & cape set. The set effect helps reduce the cast time of meteor storms. Staying at tier 0 will be fine; there’s no need to upgrade. Let mora enchant with MATK or M.Dmg% will be nice.

Orleans server & Orleans’s Gloves 

Get Orleans’s server & glove; it helps reduce a lot of cast time. 

INT Earring & Ring 

You can get INT earrings for a damage boost. Or buy a ring from a Geffen armor shop for temporary use. 

Eye of Dullahan & Orlean’s Gloves 

You will need to get Orlean’s glove and eye of dullahan as end game gear.

The flame ring is not recommended, since it has no future upgrade. 

Angry Snarl 

It is the only equipment for a mage that helps instant cast meteor storms.

MS instant Cast Formula:

Every 30 dex reduces 1sec CT (Cast time).

If you had Orlean’s Server+Glove-20% CT 

Robe of Cast-10% CT 

Staunch Shoe+Cape -10% CT

Angry Snarl -10%CT 

Isis Pet -5%CT 

Priest’s Suffragium lv3 -30%CT

Total of 85% CT Reduction: 

15sec x 0.85 = 12.75 sec reduced 

15sec-12.75 = 2.25 

Around 90 Dex to instant Cast

If you don’t have a slave priest, you might consider using Lich Staff instead.

Card Guide

Recommend Cards:

There are three kinds of damage multipliers:    

Race, Element type, Size, but only the Race Damage multiplier can apply to magic damage, and element type and size damage multiplier does not work with wizards.

The Physical class can use all the Damage multipliers.

So the only card that works with the wizard is:

PecoPecoEgg is highly recommended to keep as the price will increase like crazy because the grinding spot at the late game was primarily formless. 

So the only card that works with the wizard is: 

And for those who want to farm, MVP can use this card.

Leveling Spot

1-40 poring, rocker, willow, mandragon.

41-60, hornet, goblin, steam goblin

61-81, eggyra, orc archer.

81-91, orc archer, GH culvert.

92+ GH Culvert.

99+ Toy Factory.

And the upcoming best wing and tail for wizards. But they are chaca limited items; you need to recharge a coin or save a blue ticket to get it. 

Recommended Tail & Wing:

Survivor’s rod

Here’s advice for beginners, craft/buy survivor’s rod and upgrade to tier 3. You can buy a ring at Geffen and enhance it to the max for damage increase. 

Mage coat 

You have to craft shoes/magic coats at Geffen, a statue of judgment/ magic bible at Izlude. You can use the above gear until lv81, so the only card that works with the wizard is: 

You can use the Zeny you earn per day for guild donation,  save extra money to buy race- Dmg card x3 each type, a total of 9 cards. 

Now the price of most equipment is overpriced because most players still can’t farm ET/MVP well. 

After the accessories price is stable around 2 – 3 m, then buy it, it is recommended to buy the card first as the card is always more valuable than equipment.    

You can grind at GH culvert after you get a meteor storm, killing nine mobs per strike very fast Zeny earning. 

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