Method to Make You Flithy Rich in Rust

This guide will find out the new scrap method to make you rich in Rust. 

You will need to start with at least 200 scraps for best results and split the 200 scraps into stacks of twenty. 

After splitting the scrap, you will need to start placing a bet on 3.

Keep placing bets on 3 until you end up losing a bet. Once you lose your first bet, you have to add a stack to your bet amount. If you lose another bet, add another stack, and keep adding more stacks after every loss. But if you won, then go back to the base bet. 

Once your inventory is full of stacks of 20, you can start increasing your stack size.

After that, continue betting on 3, but remember you don’t always win. 

So take your profits while you still can. 

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