Roller Coaster Designs & Ideas in Minecraft

This guide will provide you with nice Roller Coaster designs in Minecraft. You can use any of the following design to build a roller coaster in your world.

Table of Contents

    The simplest roller coaster

    The first design is extremely simple and it works as a jump detector.

    This Roller Coaster is powered by the jump detector rail. The repeaters set the two ticks and four ticks to give you six ticks in total. The sticky piston with a slime block on top will push you off into the distance and then fall back down onto the minecart rail. If you place down the minecart and give it a try, you’ll find it works awesome. You’ll be very surprised how ridiculously simple this thing is.

    The Firing Anvil

    This design is a little more complex than the previous one.

    The Redstone contraption used in this one is exciting, it gives you a thrill that you are going to get hit in the face by an anvil and that’s very intense. But the only thing is that this design is quite expensive on the anvil front, you’ll need a lot of iron. But one thing that you’re not going to need is a lot of Redstone expertise because it is almost as simple to build as the jump. You just have to run a Redstone signal into a Redstone torch and then Redstone both powering the piston. You can place a slime block at the end and anvils on top. If you just give this design a try, you will find that the slime blocks retract, and then you move quickly firing all of the anvils across in front of you, scaring you off.

    The Loop de Loop

    This design is called Minecart loop-de-loop and it’s not the simple one. It works just as expected when looking at the design. First, you will go up, then again go up and over and back down once again. If this roller coaster did not have a loop-de-loop, then is it even worth calling it a roller coaster.

    The Pitfall

    This design is one of the scariest. If you pop inside the mine cart, as usual, you will find that you ride along, and then eventually the Redstone lamp turns on and you drop through the floor. In theory, you travel off to the next part of the Roller coaster, but the scariest thing about this design is that with this one is that there’s no other rollercoaster. You just fall through into the void and die.

    Up you go

    It is a massively tall structure, there’s a minecart rail and when you pop inside, you will be launched up consecutively by the slime blocks. It’s perfectly symmetrical and decently fast. When you make it to the top, then you will return to the beginning.

    Donkey Kong

    It’s another simple one this time with just two repeaters set to four ticks, a little Redstone line running into this sticky piston that can access it into the three slime blocks. It launches you back in the direction that you have just come from. Now, this is very cool. But one thing that you could try is hundreds of them going from all the way up the sky to down to Bedrock just bouncing back and forth. Like, one long Donkey Kong machine.

    The quick door

    One thing that always scares people in roller coasters and rides, are the things that open up at the last minute like doors or trapdoors when you go through rollercoasters.

    In this build, the door opens up as the Minecart rail gets pushed across so you can continue through and then everything closes up behind. You travel along land on some slime blocks and then you have got yourself a flying machine that takes us off to the next section of track and you can imagine how amazing that would be in real life.

    The Super bounce

    This build shoots you up into the sky and then back in the direction you just came from. It’s kind of a little bit like the bounce-back. If you pop inside and give it a go you can see everything is functioning as you would expect and the best news is that the Redstone is super simple, with six ticks running into the sticky piston.

    The high speed

    The name high speed is a satire as you can see it’s not particularly fast. But look at this guy, it’s a roller coaster you can ride on everywhere.

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