Minecraft Quarry Ideas

This guide will provide you with the best quarry ideas in Minecraft. You can use any one of these ideas to build a quarry in your world. 

Table of Contents

    Redstone Buildcraft Quarry


    To make a quarry in your Minecraft world, you will need to have the combustion engine, fuel, pump, quarry, landmark, golden fluid pipe, water, redstone torch, and wooden transport pipe. The redstone torch will help to fire up your engine. You have to place the landmarks on all four corners of the quarry to start building the structure.    

    Giant Quarry


    This is one the biggest quarries in Minecraft, it is 540 blocks and you can still customize the size. You will need terracotta blocks, wood blocks, stone blocks, redstone blocks, granite stone, andesite stone, iron ore, gold ore, lapis ore, sticky pistons, and much more to build this giant quarry. Almost all the parts of this quarry are moveable.     

    SciCraft Quarry


    To build this quarry, you will need to have sticky pistons, TNT, stone blocks, cats, redstone blocks, terracotta blocks, and a lot more. You have to place the cats in the water and all of the cats in this quarry will generate different items. The items will drop into the water and make their way to the storage system of the quarry. 

    Mining Quarry


    You will need to have stone bricks, scaffolding, sand blocks, spruce trap door, spruce fence gate, spruce fences, spruce slabs, gold blocks, white stone blocks, chest boxes, emerald blocks, diamond blocks, stone cutters and more. You have to control the spawning and movement of the guardians to build the quarry. 

    Variable Timing Quarry


    You can use the fence gate for an on/off switch, and you need a 7 high bottom trench for this quarry. Grabbars will prepare the terrain and they first attempt to push to crush liquids. Once the grabber reaches the top, the water will start spreading, water will prevent the explosion from weakening the block shield. TNT blows from bottom to top, it will destroy some items, and the trapdoors will prevent tnt from going too far. The cycle will start again when grabbers reach the bottom. You need to have a 3-wide trench in each side before running the quarry, and make sure water is not flowing outside.     

    Stone Quarry


    You will need to dig a lot of blocks on the ground to make a stone quarry, you can use TNT to blow up the ground blocks. You need to have spruce wood blocks, spruce slabs, dark oak blocks, cobblestone, spruce trapdoors, spruce stairs, smooth sandstone blocks. You can use spruce stairs for the roof of the warehouse.     

    Buildcraft Quarry


    You can build this quarry a bit away from your base. You will need coal, buildcraft  pipes, wooden transport pipes, crates, sticks, coal blocks, levers and a lot more items. The buildcraft pipes will help to extend different parts of the quarry. Pull the lever to activate the quarry and start crafting coal. 

    Fast Quarry


    You have to build this quarry near the water source. You will need a lever, water bucket, combustion engine, stirling engine, landmarks, golden fluid pipe, cobblestone blocks, transport pipe, diamond transport pipes and more to build it. You will need to lay the landmarks parallel to each other in a square to place the quarry. Place the pump in the water and connect it with the engine.

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