Miner’s Mettle – Controls Guide

Miner’s Mettle is a real-time strategy game where artillery trains are the focus of your army. Train, upgrade, and control your trains to gain control over the mines on an isolated and lawless mining planet.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Miner’s Mettle.

Move Camera ForwardWPress W to Move Camera Forward
Move Camera BackwardSPress S to Move Camera Backward
Move Camera LeftAPress A to Move Camera Left
Move Camera RightDPress D to Move Camera Right
Change Camera AltitudeMouse WheelPress Mouse Wheel to Change Camera Altitude
Toggle Satellite ViewSpacebarPress Spacebar to Toggle Satellite View
Camera RotateMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Camera Rotate
Rotate Camera ClockwiseQPress Q to Rotate the Camera Clockwise
Rotate Camera AnticlockwiseEPress E to Rotate Camera Anticlockwise
Reset Free Move CameraNPress N to Reset the Free Move Camera


Initiate Bowstring AimingLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Initiate Bowstring Aiming
Toggle Trajectory TiltLeft AltPress Left Alt to Toggle Trajectory Tilt
Cancel AbilityRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Cancel Ability
Select Ability 1Num 1 or RPress Num 1 or R to Select Ability 1
Select Ability 2Num 2 or FPress Num 2 or F to Select Ability 2
Select Ability 3Num 3 or TPress Num 3 or T to Select Ability 3
Select Ability 4Num 4 or GPress Num 4 or G to Select Ability 4
Select Ability 5Num 5 or YPress Num 5 or Y to Select Ability 5
Select Ability 6Num 6 or HPress Num 6 or H to Select Ability 6
Select Ability 7Num 7 or UPress Num 7 or U to Select Ability 7
Select Ability 8Num 8 or JPress Num 8 or J to Select Ability 8
Move Train ForwardLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Move Train Forward
Move Train ReverseLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Move Train in the reverse direction
Switch Train DirectionVPress V to Switch Train Direction
Switch TracksXPress X to Switch Tracks
Dock / UndockZPress Z to Dock / Undock
Select Train 11Press 1 to Select Train 1
Select Train 22Press 2 to Select Train 2
Select Train 33Press 3 to Select Train 3
Select Train 44Press 4 to Select Train 4
Select Train 55Press 5 to Select Train 5
Select Train 66Press 6 to Select Train 6
Select Train 77Press 7 to Select Train 7
Select Train 88Press 8 to Select Train 8
Select Train 99Press 9 to Select Train 9
Select Train 00Press 0 to Select Train 0
Secondary Ability INum 1Press Num 1 to Use Secondary Ability I
Secondary Ability IINum 3 or Num 2Press Num 3 or Num 2 to Use Secondary Ability II
Secondary Ability IIINum 3 or Num 2Press Num 3 or Num 2 to Use Secondary Ability III
Return to HQBPress B to Return to HQ


Select HQTabPress Tab to Select HQ
Build New TrainTPress T to Build New Train
Repair TrainRPress R to Repair Train
Build New CompartmentCPress C to Build New Compartment
Add ShieldFPress F to Add Shield
Radar Station Activate AbilityRPress R to Use Radar Station Activate Ability
Artillery Station Activate AbilityRPress R to Use Artillery Station Activate Ability
Shield Generator Activate AbilityRPress R to Use Shield Generator Activate Ability
Drone MiningTPress T to Use Drone Mining
Toggle Resource Transfer AutocastYPress Y to Toggle Resource Transfer Autocast
Salvage FacilityHPress H to Salvage Facility
Level 1 Facility AbilityRPress R to Use Level 1 Facility Ability
Level 2 Facility AbilityFPress F to Use Level 2 Facility Ability
Level 3 Facility AbilityTPress T to Use Level 3 Facility Ability


Toggle UMS TabOPress O to Toggle UMS Tab
Toggle HUDInsertPress Insert to Toggle HUD
EscapeEscPress Esc to Escape
Toggle Research TabPPress P to Toggle Research Tab
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