Mini Soul Knight Version in WeChat – Review

The mini version of Soul Knight in WeChat has appeared. This guide will provide you a review of this version. 

To play this mini version, you must have a WeChat account. If you don’t have one, you can borrow it from your friend to experience how it looked.    

Now let’s move to the game. Menu is made differently from the normal version. Living room was now changed to a campfire in the forest. 

In-game currency consists of coins and something blue. You can call it a gem to make it familiar. 

There are eight characters in this version. 

1. Knight (Free)

2. Shaman, You can buy him for 6¥.  

3. Engineer, he can be bought by spending 5000 gems. 

4. Necromancer, buy it for 3¥.  

5. Wizard, worth 2000 gems. 

6. Toist, you can buy him it for 1¥. 

7. Paladin, needs 5000 gems to buy.

8. Officer, you can buy him for 3¥.

In the top left corner is an armor-wearing NPC similar to Paladin’s 2nd skill. His function is to upgrade character’s stats with gems.

The special thing is that all characters shall use the same level. So upgrade one character, and others will have similar levels.  In the dungeon, the level map changes to 1,2,3,4.

For example, maps 2-5 will become 10.

Health, armor, and mana stats have been changed to different units as well.

And the enemy’s HP and weapon stats too. So the game is still balanced. 

Although the mini version, crit and explosion effects are still done very meticulously. 

A special feature of this version is combo kill. Killing four monsters in a short time, you can accumulate combo kills. It will help you increase movement speed and dodge bullets. This chest requires you to see advertisements to open.

Even though, if you don’t watch ads, it’s still open. 

You can also meet NPC in the dungeon and use gold to upgrade your stats. However, this only works for one game. After beating the boss, there is also no weapon chest. 

But this is a mini version, so there’s no lava. And it seems that getting weapons higher than orange is quite rare. So it’s not uncommon for you to experience situations like this. 

It will take some time. When you die, you can revive more than once. The required number of gems will also gradually increase. You can save coins, and gems after the end game.  

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