Mining Guide – Ragnarok X: Next Generation

This brief guide is all about mining in Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Let’s explore how to mine better.

Have you used your stamina yet? If not then you need to read out this guide.

As a F2F player, you will need to manage your time and stamina. So that you will not waste your time this way. But to be honest there are a lot of players who have not known about this. So this guide will give you the tips to speed up your mining.

Mining is super important because we need to upgrade, refine, and enchantment materials for our equipment.

Not to mention if you are using white-grade equipment, you will need a lot of mining materials.

So you can level up your salt faster to level 7. You need smelt level 7 for the last tier of white equipment. If you are mining at mine level 1 for level 1 material, there is nothing wrong with level 1 but there are faster ways to use stamina and get more needed materials.

First, you will need to buy your pickaxe from the sundries store. Buy at least five pickaxes, so you don’t have to go back later.

There are two versions of a pickaxe that you can use. The first one is the normal one and the advanced one.

What’s the difference?

Mining speed. The advanced one will make your mining faster. But it is more expensive, so it is not recommended.

There is also the alloy pickaxe that you can use at an enriched mine for some high-quality materials. You can get it from an event or battle pass. Anyway, just buy the normal ones and let’s go to mine. Tap on life skills and select the needed materials that you are looking for and tap on its mine area.

At first, you have to start on ore venom level 1. Each mining action needs 2 stamina and it is auto mining.

You need mining level 4 so keep doing level 1 until you reach the ore vein level 4.

Why is level 4 good?

Level 4 is good because you can farm other materials as well. Such as rune craft materials.

You will notice that you can get level 2 materials from there as well. That is the point. Remember that you can still get mining materials level 1 from this ore vein level 4.

When you are done with the mining, open your inventory.

Once you tap on mining materials, you will notice 2 options. Which is synthesize and dismantle.

Synthesize will combine low-level materials into higher-level materials. Dismantle will destroy your high-level materials into lower-level materials (the lower level difference is 1).

Always remember that synthesis needs 3 materials to become 1 piece of higher-level materials.

Remember that you can still mine level 1 materials and also level 2 materials at ore vein level 4. That’s the way, you can double your gain to use stamina faster since it will cost 3 stamina each mining action. Remember to split up your stamina for other materials from fishing and gardening.

The summary is to level up your mining at ore vein level 1 until mining level 4 and then change to ore vein level 4.


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