Missable Trophies Guide – GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

This guide will let you know how to unlock the Definitive Edition Missable trophies in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. 

Table of Contents

    Missable Trophy #1

    During the mission, you can unlock this trophy with four iron for every Carrington, available after completing Ken Rosenberg’s mission, Riot.

    You will need to pick up the golf club at the Leaf Links Golf Course entrance and kill the property developer with it.

    Missable Trophy #2

    Chopper Up

    You can unlock this trophy in the mission Demolition Man.

    Vice Point

    Demolition Man

    Radio Off

    You have to kill enemies before placing the last bomb, using the RC chopper’s blades to unlock this trophy.

    The trophy/achievement will pop up once the last enemy gets killed. After that, it’s safe to place the last bomb.

    Missable Accomplishment

    Baked Distractions

    It is an extra accomplishment that you can unlock on your Rockstar Games social club account.

    You can unlock this achievement during the mission, Sir, Yes Sir! given by Colonel Cortez, available after completing Phnom Penh’86 for Diaz.

    Sir yes, sir!


    Little Havana

    You have to stand around this area to avoid alerting the army and wait for the Convoy to stop at the doughnut shop.

    As soon as the soldier shouts, “Go get some doughnuts,” you need to run towards the Rhino and steal it.

    It’s important not to bump into any of the soldiers; otherwise, the achievement will not unlock, and you’ll have to restart the mission.

    Missable Trophy #3

    Salutations my Little Friend

    You can unlock this trophy in the mission Rub Out given by Lance Vance after completing Death Row for Kent Paul.

    In this mission, you will automatically get an M4 rifle. It’s advised to use other weapons to kill the enemies in the mansion and save M4 ammo from killing Diaz.

    Missable Trophy #4

    Not my First Time

    You can unlock this trophy in the mission G-Spotlight given by Steve Scott after buying an inter-global film studio and completing Martha’s Mug shot.


    Radio Off

    You will need to follow the mission as instructed. You must not fall from the rooftops after taking the elevator to unlock this trophy.

    You need to release the accelerator while in the air and move your weight back and forth to avoid missing the landing area.

    Radio Off

    Falling off the bike will not void the trophy, as long as Tommy doesn’t fall off any roofs.

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