Mistakes You Should Avoid in My Heroes: Sea (Tips)

In this guide, you will learn the five mistakes you should avoid in My Heroes: Sea.

1: Opening Ooparts boxes in a low solo dungeon layer. OOpart are great and are easy to get from secret chamber keys.

It is recommended for you to not open a lot of them (or even none of them) in a very low dungeon layer because it is not worth the value.

The higher your solo dungeon layer, the higher the gear LVL you get from OOparts.

So the higher your solo dungeon layer, the higher the value of your ooparts. It is suggested to open them once you reach layer 146 only because that is the minimum layer for getting LVL 35 (Max) gears from ooparts.

If you’re wondering “how you can get red rarity gears”. You can grind them from the hell aisle (which is way easier and requires less Rng required).

If you haven’t unlocked the hell Aisle yet, it means that you are still in a low layer. You should not focus much on your low layer and use whatever red gears you have at the Moment.

2: Slitting Aux Runes with the stats that you’re using. If you’re grinding for aux runes, you should not be splitting the aux runes with the stats you use.

In detail, splitting the aux runes and then forging them afterward will result in a huge loss instead of profit.

When splitting aux runes, you will need to select the aux runes that you’re not using.

Once done, you will not lose lots of aux runes shards (which is an essential material).

You should merge aux runes with stats that you use rather than splitting them and then forging them afterward.

You get those aux rune shards from splitting the aux runes with stats that you don’t use. You can use them to forge higher-level aux runes.

3: Upgrading soul cards with UR and SR soul cards. When Upgrading sound cards, you should only use UC or R soul cards as an upgrading material.

If you upgrade soul cards with UR/SR soul cards. Only upgrade soul cards with UC or R soul cards. And the unused UR and SR soul cards can be recycled.

4: Not prioritizing effigies. Effigies are one of the keys to getting a high damage output. Thus, making it a very important speed.

Many people don’t realize how important effigies are. So they don’t purchase effigies often from stories such as:

TIP: You should prioritize buying effigies first and then slot puncher.

TIP: Buy Effigies first until the stock is empty. After that, buy any goddamn thing you want from the guild shop.

You can also buy effigies from the D.shop for 200 diamonds; it’s worth the price.

5: Spending too many resources on low-level gears:  

You should avoid spending too many resources on gears below LVL 30 (such as gold, slot puncher, and hierophant stone).

It is because you won’t be using those LVL <30 gears for a long period. You will only use it for like a week, and then you will probably decide to change them into a higher level for better stats.

People spend half a million gold on a single LVL 25 gear, which is bad for non-whale players. Just get that level gear with four same color rune slots, stats that you want, and you’re good to go.

Elemental catalyst and elentalite can be spent as much as you want in any gear level because you can obtain it easily via treasure cellars and other sources. But as for elemental essence and slot puncher, avoid using one of them in gears level <30.

Because these two resources are very rare to get, now you can see the stat differences between a level 35 and level 25 gear, a very huge difference. So again, don’t spend too many resources on low level gears.

6: Buying the high-ranking “Rank Kit” package. You can stop buying the rank Kits once you get into Ex1.

It is because the higher the rank kits, the more expensive it becomes. You should buy the lower rank kits such as the “F Hero Rank Kit”. It is affordable and good for New Players.

But once you reach higher in the game, these resources from the rank kits are becoming easier to get for free.

So you should spend those diamonds for offers that give rare resources, rather than spending 2000 diamonds for resources you get allocated. 

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