Mjolnir Location Guide – Fortnite

This guide will let you know where to find the Mjolnir in Fortnite. You have to follow the guide, and you will know the location to get Thor’s hammer. 

To find the Mjolnir in Fortnite, all you need to do is go to the Locker and equip Thor. There, you have to select Thor and then click on the Save And Exit option. 

After that, you can play any mode; you can play Solo, Duos, Squads. It is recommended to play the Team Rumble. 

Now come to the marked location on the map, as shown in the image below. You will need to go north of Weeping Woods and south of Salty Springs to get Thor’s hammer. You will find a big crater, and in the middle of it, you will get Thor’s hammer. In this way, you can get the Mjolnir in Fortnite.

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