Mob Facts in Minecraft

This guide will let you know 18 new player mob facts in Minecraft. 

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    Ever wanted to know how to protect yourself from spiders?

    or what the frowned used to look like before it was added?


    The first-ever mob in Minecraft is called the ‘human’; it looked identical to the player except slightly taller. They would run around aimlessly, swinging their arms around, attacking the player, and looking upwards due to their hitbox size.

    Drowned Texture

    The original drowned texture was half zombie, half skeleton. 


    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have eight eyes? Spectate a spider to find out.


    Piglins will hunt down and attack Hollins in the wild, and after defeating one, will sometimes dance. While piglins are hostile to most things in the nether, baby Piglins are passive to the player and Hodgins. But be careful not to drop anything valuable around them; they are really quick and might steal it.


    A creeper will jump down on a player to survive the fall, meaning a ravine might not be safe from ninja creepers.

    Ender Dragon

    The ender dragon is a girl, and her name is Jean. It was confirmed by Notch himself in a Reddit post and later by Dinnerbone on Twitter. But if the ender dragon has a name, what about the wither? Well, their name is Simmons.


    It says you have to block an arrow, but tridents thrown from drowning also work for it. 


    Pigmen, now Piglins, has undergone many changes over the years. Their original texture was just without a suit.  


    Endermen are the only mob that can spawn in all three dimensions. Could this be because of their ability to teleport?

    Real Life Creeper

    A real-life creeper was once launched into space. During a University of Southampton, students sent some personal habits to the stars, including some tennis balls, a creeper, and a chest!

    Spider Jockey

    There is a 1% chance for spiders to spawn with a skeleton, which forms a spider jockey! In snowy biomes, spiders can spawn with strays riding them, and in the nether, a player spawns a spider. It can spawn with a wither skeleton riding it. 

    Drowning Zombies

    Most of you know drowning zombies will create drowning. But did you know if a husk drowns, it turns into a normal zombie? 


    The bullet a shulker releases is called a ‘spark’.

    Brown Spiders

    Spiders used to be brown. It is what they would have looked like if it was this now.


    Zombies will attack baby turtles and even stomp on turtle eggs. Zombies get themselves a nice costume for Halloween. They have a 22.5% chance to spawn with a pumpkin and a 2.5% chance of spawning wearing a jack o’ lantern!


    Zombies or skeletons wearing a helmet won’t burn in daylight!

    Climb Walls

    Spiders are the only mobs that can climb walls. So make sure they can’t get up before thinking you are safe, and remember, spiders won’t attack you in the daylight unless, of course, you punch them in the face.


    There are two types of map, locator and explorer. Explorers maps are used to find rare structures in your world, and the most common are found in shipwrecks, and these are used to find buried treasure on the coasts.

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