Mobius Final Fantasy: Hunter Islands Guide

In this article, we will be going over what you can expect to see and experience in “3rd Exploration Region: Hunter Island”. What items you can get, what enemies show up, and what the purpose of “Hunter Island” is. So without further ado, let’s sail to “Hunter Island”.

What is “Mobius Final Fantasy”?

“Mobius Final Fantasy” is a free-to-play mobile RPG developed by Square Enix. It is produced by powerhouses like Yashinori Kitase (FFVII, FFVIII, FFX producer) and Kazushige Nojima (FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, Kingdom Hearts story and visuals). The story focuses on your character, Wol, and his journey to save the dying world. You start your journey washed up on the shores of Palamecia with no memories. Are you the warrior of light from whom the prophecy foretold?

What is 3rd Exploration Region Hunter Island?

Hunter Island is an island where Pirate Eco takes you to for the search for a treasure called “Dream Vessel”. “3rd Exploration Region Hunter Island” will have an easy and hard mode along with bosses and treasure to be found. You go to the area that the “Boss Icon” appears. In order to the get the treasure box at the end of the area, you have to meet a specified requirement to unlock your progress, which is most likely to defeat the new enemy that appears. Collect your treasure chest and continue to the next bounty. You increase your Hunter Ranking the more new enemies you defeat. When you defeat the new enemy, you get “Proof of Defeat” items. The more proof you collect, the further you can continue on the island.

Level Up Your Abilities:

The areas with higher difficulties will also have high rates of item drops. Furthermore, materials that are used to increase abilities can be easily found on “Hunter Island”. Hunter Island is definitely the best place to level up your abilities. Some of the abilities you can get in these areas are:

Flame Burst (Fire Lizard) – Reef Coast
Petit Wind Sword – Fougol Island
Petit Earth Wave – Between Boulders
Petit Firaga – Dolphin Strait

5 Star Class Change and Skill Panel 2 OPEN!

You now have the ability to reach 5 Star Class Change– the only caveat is that you have to had already completed chapter 3 and cleared 3rd Exploration Region Hunter Island as well. All jobs get “Skill Panel 2” as well. Skill Panel 2 has 4 skill panels. In Skill Panel 2, each ability requires more skillseeds, but those abilities are much stronger than the ones in “Skill Panel 1”. Time to start grinding!

Separate Story and Skillseed Bonuses:

The story from “Hunter Island” is different from the main story. In Hunter Island, you are exploring the area in “The Sea of Eternal Summer”. Hunters from all over come to this area to hunt for hidden treasures. You also get “Daily Skillseed Bonuses”. Depending on the day of the week, your chances of getting that type of skillseed will increase. Bonuses are as follows:

Monday – Dark
Tuesday – Fire
Wednesday – Water
Thursday – Light
Friday – Wind
Saturday – Earth
Sunday – ALL!


Rewards depend on the difficulty of the hunt, but you will be able to get “Dream Vessel” and “Captain Eco” for clearing stages and defeating bosses. As of now, there is no info on what is the purpose for the “Dream Vessels”.

Looks like players will be using most of their playtime here in Hunter Island. The fact that you can get really stock up on seed skills to level up your abilities is a chance you cannot afford to miss! Who would not want to have Captain Eco as your tour guide around the island? Let’s start leveling up those abilities!

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