Modern Warfare: Operation Headhunter

This guide will provide you the best tactics to complete the Operation Headhunter in Modern Warfare.

The most useful role in this mission is Medic. You can revive quicker and your special ability allows you to revive multiple teammates at once. If you haven’t unlocked the custom loadout yet, then it is recommended to go with heavy support.

And if you have unlocked the custom loadout, just go with LMG and AR setup with smoke and molotovs.

It is worthy to search the building for pickups during this mission. You may find shield turrets that will play an important role in the mission.

Each lieutenant you find will be marked for you, just take them out and walk up to their body to grab the intel. This should be very easy as there are not many enemies protecting them.

Once you manage to kill the last lieutenant, you will be asked to go to the stadium. This is where it starts getting intense !

Head to the stadium and walk up to every scrambler. Interact with them to begin the data transfer. One member of your group must stay near the scrambler to complete the data transfer

The next section will be in a killbox and very difficult to hold. Go to the hill near the bridge to get enemies in a single direction with elevation worked best.

Switch to LMG with an assault rifle, this would be the best loadout to complete this mission. Two teammates should get this position with a shield turret as shown in the image below. They will be able to hold down the killbox and allow the other two to push in.

There is a juggernaut down in the killbox, use any of the pickups you found to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

Once he gets killed, you can move towards your objective. Jump down and go to the scrambler to transfer the data.

The next thing you will have to do is to push as a group back to the stadium, it is going to offer you the best hard cover as well as enemies from only two directions. Keep moving as there are a lot of enemies in this part of the mission. Counter the enemies as a team and pick up the crates that will help you in the next section.

You can use a shield turret to kill a huge number of enemies in this section.

Your next objective will be to destroy the enemy tanks. Get in a good position and blast the tank away with a rocket launcher.

Now you will need to destroy the scrambler.

Bring down an enemy chopper and then you will have to kill two juggernauts. Kill one to pick up his minigun that will help you to counter the second.

After that, you will need to destroy another enemy tank with the help of a rocket launcher.

Finally. Just counter the enemies around you and head to the chopper to complete your mission.

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