Moon Chapter 3: Guide – The Battle Cats

In this guide, you will find some important tips on beating Bun Bun for a newbie.

The most important thing to do before fighting Bun Bun is to collect all treasures from chapter 1 to chapter 3.

If you insist on fighting Bun Bun without treasures, you might be suffering a painful defeat.

Don’t forget to buy a Boogie cat as an additional meat shield after collecting all the treasures!

Let’s fight Bun Bun! 

The biggest foe lies in your body, which means it all depends on your strategy.

You need to be aware that this stage is quite broad, and Bun Bun attacks so fast.

You must stack some ranged attackers and meat shields at the same time. If you stack range attackers more than meatshields, they will die soon as they aren’t protected well.

And if you summon too many meatshields, Bun Bun will rekt them since they are too weak.

You should look at your squad when the screen says, If there are too many attackers on the battlefield, try to summon more meat shields.

Don’t panic even though Bun Bun kills all your cats and keeps spamming meat shields and a few attackers. Watch your cash, too! 

Turn on Cat CPU when you have plenty of cash, and then turn it off if you have less cash (around 3,000).

Well done, you just beat Moon chapter 3 after killing Bun Bun, and you got the most useful cat in the game! 

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