Most Dangerous Creatures in Subnautica

In this guide, you will know which are the most aggressive creatures found in Subnautica. They are ranked from least dangerous to most dangerous by all means possible.

Table of Contents

    Some creatures are left out on this list because they are not big enough threats. Those creatures are the stalker, sand shark, bitter, etc., since they don’t do a decent amount of damage, and you can kill them relatively easily.

    10. boneshark

    You can find the bone shark in the underwater islands, bulb zone, parts of the crash zone, and in the crag fields. There are usually 2-3 more close by when there is one bone shark.

    When there are 2-3 bone sharks, if you are not careful, they can easily kill you or destroy your sea moth. Though, you can kill them with a few hits from the thermo blade/survival knife.

    9. River prowler

    The river prowler is mostly throughout the lost river, and there are usually multiple prowlers near each other. But sometimes, you might see them by themselves.

    The river prowler attacks using its 4 “Antennes/tendrils” on its face, and it does just about the same damage as the bone shark, and it attacks faster than the bone shark.

    8. Crabsnake

    The crab snake only resides in the jelly shroom cave, so you won’t encounter it unless you need magnetite and need to go to the jelly shroom caves.

    When in the jelly shroom caves, you’ll often see crab snakes swimming around, or you’ll see them in their large jelly shrooms. When you are not in your vehicle,  they can grab you and deal about 35 damage to you, but they aren’t too difficult to kill using your knife. If you have the stasis rifle, they can damage your sea moth/prawn suit, so you don’t have to be too wary around them. Just keep an eye on them when they are nearby.

    7. Warper

    You can find the warper in the grand reef, inactive and active lava zone, blood kelp zone, mountains, in the sea treaders path biome, dunes, the lost river, and in the mountains biomes.

    The main thing that makes warper dangerous is that they can warp you out of your vehicle unless you are in the cyclops. It can also do decent damage, but it will warp away from you if you deal enough damage to it.

    6. Lava lizards

    The lava lizard is only found in the lava lakes and the inactive lava zone, and unlike a lot of other creatures in Subnautica, it has two attacks.

    The lava lizard is immune to the thermo blade, so you’ll have to use a normal knife against it to damage and kill it. It also has two attacks: one is a normal bite attack, and the second is a sort of fireball attack/spit that he does every so often. If you get a bit of distance from it, and there’s a good amount of them near each other when you are in the lava zones, so you don’t have to leave any vehicles unattended unless it’s a cyclos because they will attack the prawn suit or sea moth if it’s near.

    5. Ampeel

    You can find the ampeel in the bulb zone and a certain part of the blook kelp trench biomes. It usually doesn’t have many other ampeels nearby. At most, you’ll see like 1-2 other ampeels near one at a time.

    The ampeel can do some good amounts of damage with its shocking attack and its normal bite attack. 2 of them can easily destroy your prawn suit or sea moth if you are not careful. It can also damage the cyclops. Though it doesn’t do as much damage as a leviathan, it still does some decent damage and has a pretty high amount of health. So killing it will take some time, and if you aren’t using a stasis rifle, it won’t be easy.

    4. Crabsquid

    The crab squid is a fairly large creature, and it’s usually found in the grand reef, parts of the blood kelp zone, and it can spawn in parts of the lost river and has two attacks.

    The crab squid has a claw attack that does just about the same damage as the ampeel, and it can damage the cyclops just as the ampeel can. But its second attack is an emp that can disable your vehicles, electronics/handheld gadgets, etc. It can put you in a bad spot, plus it allows you to get free hits in on you or your vehicle.

    3. Reaper leviathan

    The reaper leviathan is usually found in the mountains, dunes, and the crash zone/behind the aurora.

    The reaper is pretty simple in terms of attacks; if you are in a sea moth or prawn suit, it will grab the vehicle and start shaking/attacking it, doing pretty big amounts of damage. If it grabs you, you have to get virtually one shot in most cases, so if you see it, you have to avoid it as best as possible. You will likely hear it before you see it since as you get closer to it, you can hear its roar from a pretty far distance before you can see it. It can do decent damage to your cyclops.

    2. Ghost leviathan

    You can find the ghost leviathan in theaters Edge/Dead zone. Three of them can be found in parts of th lost river, the grand reef, and part of the blood kelp trench.

    The ghost leviathan can do pretty heavy damage to your sea moth, prawn suit, cyclops, and of course, you aren’t near or at full health. The ghost leviathan has a bite/headbutt attack where it will do a quick rearing animation, then lunges forward to attack using its head to deal some pretty good damage.

    1. Sea Dragon Leviathan

    Finally, the sea dragon leviathan is only found in the inactive and active lava zones. When it’s nearby, you’ll know because it has a pretty loud and unmistakable roar, so you’ll likely hear it before you see it.

    The sea dragon has three different attacks; his first attack is his standard bite that deals with some pretty good damage to all your vehicles and instantly kills you. The second attack is his swat, in which we will use his hands to swipe you away, and it does the same damage as his bite, but it won’t instantly kill you. 

    His third is his fire breath/fireballs, which can do some pretty good damage; you can shoot a single fireball at you, or occasionally he will shoot a burst/barrage of fireballs, so when you decide to go to the active or inactive lava zone’s, you have to avoid the sea dragon as best as you can because more than likely you will see it.

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