Most Fun Brawlers In Brawl Stars (Tier list)

Leon is the top brawler to have fun, we have selected 8 brawlers in this list.

The most fun brawler on number 8 is Colt!

Colt is a super fun fast action brawler who can easily dominate the whole map if you aim correctly, he can be played so aggressive and so passive at the same time, which makes him a really strong fun brawler for many players. Use his gadgets!

The most fun brawler on number 7 is Lou!

Lou is such a fun satisfying underrated brawler, with a very fun super to troll enemies with. While he did get some buffs so this update he will be even stronger! and top meta! play him in mid to close range & utilise your super to stun enemies!

The most fun brawler on number 6 is Surge!

Surge is the best chromatic brawler, very rewarding to play because the better you play the more your surge will be upgraded once you use your super, and at max level he becomes almost immortal, crazy strong and fun to dominate with!

The most fun brawler on number 5 is Edgar!

Edgar is a super strong, low health healing assassin brawler, with a very fun and consistent super to use in fights. You can take advantage of that and utilise your gadget to get kills and opportunities right at the start of every game. Be precise and fast!

The most fun brawler on number 4 is Max!

The combination between speed and very fast and consistent damage of Max is so fun to play with. It can be annoying to play against too because she can gain consistently fast supers, be really aggressive with it in combination with her gadgets!

The most fun brawler on number 3 is Crow!

Crow is an assassin brawler, fun to play with because his super is so satisfying. Play crow annoying charge up your super and go for kills, use gadgets to get closer and charge them up!

The most fun brawler on number 2 is Mortis!

Mortis is one of the most unique brawlers in Brawl Stars. He can be so strong but also weak at the same time, it really depends on how you play with him. It is important to react fast in games or you will lose your position!

Playing Mortis is always threatening! Don’t be that guy who runs away the whole game, that’s not fun and not how you will learn to play a certain brawler. Try things even if that makes you lose games! it’s a process of learning and killing!

The most fun brawler number 1 is Leon!

Leon is the brawler with the most fun super possible, the ability to go invisible, it’s crazy strong and so valuable in any showdown game. Being able to successfully use this super is so satisfying and fun to do, while he is also top meta now!

If you want to dominate with Leon, being consistent and very pushy is priority, choose your targets wisely, and play unexpected, don’t make the obvious choices when you have the ability to do something completely different! kill and win!


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