Not everyone likes to play violent games, sometime when we need to relax we can play some calm games that relaxes our mind, there are hundreds of relaxing games to play on IOS devices, but to save you from trouble, we have curated this list of some underrated relaxing games that will keep you busy for a long time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Hollywood RuniOSFree
Lift It !!iOSFree
Cat Pow: Mysterious AdventureiOSFree
Awesome Dogs!iOSFree
Atlantis Oceans HD Free Scuba Diving Shark Dolphin Fish WhaleiOSFree
Math the Cross Math PuzzleiOSFree
Pop the DotsiOSFree
Delete It!iOSFree
Crystal Matter 2iOSFree
Draw It – Fill In The ShapesiOSFree
Hungry Fish: Deep SeaiOSFree
Line ‘Em Up Free – Color Matching Arcade GameiOSFree
Ink Wars – Bubble Arena!iOSFree
Math RowiOSFree
Balloon To MooniOSFree
Mission Me: Creative AR GameiOSFree
Charlie: The Dino Rescue TeamiOSFree
Horror KissiOSFree
Meow Adventures – Cat RunneriOSFree
Balled ColoursiOSFree
Logic MinesiOSFree
Drone CarrieriOSFree
Operation TokamakiOSFree
Bounce! – A Beachball’s TaleiOSFree
3D English Learning App ESLiOSFree

Hollywood Run

Hollywood Run™ is a movie box office game to win real stuff (Cash, AMC movie popcorn, AMC movie tickets and an Academy Awards® red carpet sweepstakes).

Lift It !!

Throw rope and lift as many blocks as you can. How many houses can you build?

Cat Pow: Mysterious Adventure

This game tells the story of brave cats defending their lovely old mistress, while she sleeps in a dark castle in the middle of mysterious S’cat-tish forest. Do you wonder what lurks in the ancient castle in the mysterious forest? So discover all the unpredictable rooms and check every corner of the magic mansion. Be a fluffy one, who can eat a lot, sleep a lot and fight a lot. Enjoy the unique story-driven gameplay and funny cartoonish art style with simple, pure, innovative one-finger casual controls.


Hydropuzzle is a surreal superhero parody shaped into a short text puzzle adventure. You don’t outrun express trains and you don’t fly through the skies though. You rather use your brain and your smartphone to hack through the story.

Awesome Dogs!

We are Sysware Games and we would like to invite you to meet our latest production Awesome Dogs. It’s a classic 2dplatform and an amazing adventure! Are you ready to be a hero? We mean… a dog hero?

Atlantis Oceans HD Free Scuba Diving Shark Dolphin Fish Whale

Challenge your Scuba Diving skills in this unique Retro Exploration game. Dozens of unlockables, weapons and items including the popular TASER GUN. Explore huge beautifully hand crafted underwater worlds full of Treasures and ancient Artifacts.


Timbertales is a fantasy turn based hex strategy game. The game has the feeling of classical hex field strategy games, but with a very unique nature theme and challenging content. Fight with animals! Use special abilities and compete with other players cross platform!

Math the Cross Math Puzzle

The puzzle uses random, Makes it possible to play without being bored. Has addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and you can choose the operators that you want to play as you wish.

Pop the Dots

Match 3 or more dots in the grid to make them pop! Touch and hold to aim your dots and fire them into the grid to match 3 or more dots! Fire dots straight up into the grid, bounce dots off walls, and knock other dots out!

Delete It!

Make smart moves in order to destroy and crop blocks to get them to fit inside the right holes! Easy to play and learn, and lots of fun to play! Go through lots of levels and challenge yourself while playing these!


Christmas begins! That means it is time for Santa to pack presents, harness deers and buy a lot of bullets. Is that green Grinch is going to try disrupt holiday again? “We will see how you are going to do it without a head, my friend”, – said Santa and knock down the door of his house. Santa does it every year. He flies around the Earth, give presents to good children and beat Grinch and his army of demons. The battle between good and evil begins while adults are decorating their Christmas trees, kids are waiting for their presents and towns are silently waiting for a new year.

Crystal Matter 2

Humanity has expanded through the galaxy, thanks to crystals made of an unknown matter that provides high levels of energy, and they are used by all galactic civilizations.

Draw It – Fill In The Shapes

Draw It is a fun and addictive game where you have to fill in shapes as accurately as you can. The stars will be awarded depending on how close your drawing is to the shape. Don’t go over the boundary or you’ll lose points!

Hungry Fish: Deep Sea

In a sea of cold and darkness, there is only one rule: eat or be eaten. Enjoy life’s gift of food for as long as possible, get fat and plump, and avoid the bigger guys while it all gets a little out of sand.

Line ‘Em Up Free – Color Matching Arcade Game

Line ‘Em Up is a fast paced game of rearranging coloured pieces into rows and columns of the same color. The faster you do it, the more points you get. If you are too slow – GAME OVER!


Procedural maze generator. 2 Game mode Arcade and Endless. You can collect item in maze for help you. You can customize maze with 20+ of floor and wall assets. You can select character for enter to the maze ! Beware of Trap ! It can hurt you.

Ink Wars – Bubble Arena!

Ink Wars- Bubble Arena is the first bubble fighter game to be featured on the IOS devices. This game consists of 40 animated characters and you have to blow your opponents with different types of super bubbles in this epic fun game. The game is designed with original music tracks and provides you great customization options.

Math Row

Destroy blocks forming the correct number by selecting adjacent blocks. In Story Mode you have 33 levels with ascending difficulties. In Endless mode you can compete against the world with Game Center leaderboards and achievements.


Zaibot, the protagonist who is seeking answers after a mysterious wipe out in a cyberpunk city.

Balloon To Moon

Balloon To Moon is an amazing game for all ages. Travel with a Balloon in sunny skies, through thunderstorms to deep space, Moon, Mars and beyond. Avoid obstacles, collect Power Up’s to help you on your journey.

Mission Me: Creative AR Game

Mission Me takes you on an entertaining real-life adventure of self-discovery and play in your real reality. Improve your health and wellness while having fun. Get inspired to do new things and take positive action in your life!

Charlie: The Dino Rescue Team

The events of this adventure occur in the year 2087, on an earth like planet in a very distant galaxy, where humans and dinosaurs coexist. Humans are the dinosaurs’ best friends, they live a happy and peaceful life, but unfortunate events are about to occur!

Horror Kiss

Wake up in the dark room. The doors are locked. You don’t know why you’re here. There is strange noise outside. You remembered someone in your village told that there is a Horror House at the west of the village. Maybe, now you’re here. You’re in that House by someway, no one knows you’re here, you must escape from the House by anyway.


FlyU is a 2D endless Tap & Fly game wherein you must save the Unicorn from hitting obstacles and score.

Meow Adventures – Cat Runner

Join Oliver and his furry friends on a fun journey through the Meow Adventures! Help mischievous felines overcome challenging obstacles as they travel through maps. Meet other furry cat friends along the journey and discover their traits that can lead to even more fun!

Balled Colours

It’s as simple as touch, drag and release. You’ll need to make sure that your aim is on-point, though. Run out of lives and you’re right back to level 1.

Logic Mines

Stop guessing at this classic game and use your logic to solve this clever puzzle. The classic minesweeper game now doesn’t need luck to be solved, only logic.

Drone Carrier

Take control of your Drone Carrier through obstacles.

Operation Tokamak

The energy shortage of the 21st century has been overcome. The solution: Fusion Energy. Its widespread use gives us clean, cheap and safe energy.

Bounce! – A Beachball’s Tale

Hey there, I’m a beachball. I think. I got lost in this strange world and now I’m just rollin’ on through. If you can help me get past these saw blades and spikes, that would be greatly appreciated.

3D English Learning App ESL

Why have a half million people around the world downloaded FluentWorlds to learn English? It is because FluentWorlds provides a truly new and amazing way for learning English on mobile devices – it is the first fully-immersive mobile app for learning English that takes users through real-world situations, conversations and scenarios in beautiful 3D levels.

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