Mother Russia Bleeds – Save Game

Mother Russia Bleeds is a beat-’em-up-style game with fluid animations and challenging gameplay. Players are set to fight through side-scrolling, stage-by-stage levels, using guns, melee weapons, or their bare fists to take out enemies. The drug from these enemies’ corpses is used as health potions. Le Cartel Studio developed it. It is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Macintosh operating systems, and Classic Mac OS.

Where is the save game folder in Mother Russia Bleeds?

There are two locations of the Mother Russia Bleeds save file. If you didn’t find it in the first location, you can follow the next one. 

  1. You have to go to Program Files (x86) inside the C drive and double-click on “Mother Russia Bleeds” to access the save file. 

Example – C:\Program Files (x86)\Mother Russia Bleeds

  1. To find the save file, you will need to go to Program Files (x86) and then navigate to Steam. You will find the steamapps folder inside it, open it up, and tao on common -> Mother Russia Bleeds. 

Example – C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mother Russia Bleeds

How Do I Install the Save File?

First, you will need to download the save game file and extract it with the help of WinZip. After that, you have to copy the save file to a save games location and make sure to have a backup of your save. 

Important: Always back up the save file before replacing it with the new one.

Download Save File:

The game is 100% completed on easy and normal difficulty levels. The arena is passed and all the drugs are unlocked.

Download Link: 

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