Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – Controls Guide

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel is a free-roam driving game where you can drive day and night, pick up hitchhikers and refuel, check the engine temperature, and watch out for the cops.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Motor Town: Behind The Wheel.


Steer LeftA / Left ArrowPress A / Left Arrow to Steer Left
Steer RightD / Right ArrowPress D / Right Arrow to Steer Right
ThrottleW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Throttle
BrakeW / Down ArrowPress W / Down Arrow to Use Brake
ClutchLeft CtrlPress Left Ctrl to Use Clutch
HandbrakeSpacebarPress Spacebar to Use Handbrake


Move ForwardW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Move Forward
Move BackwardS / Down ArrowPress S / Down Arrow to Move Backward
Move LeftA / Left ArrowPress A / Left Arrow to Move Left
Move RightD / Right ArrowPress D / Right Arrow to Move Right
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump

Character Quickbar

Quickbar 11Press 1 to Use Quickbar 1
Quickbar 22Press 2 to Use Quickbar 2
Quickbar 33Press 3 to Use Quickbar 3


ResetRPress R to Reset
EngineEPress E to Engine
Gear UpFPress F to Gear Up
Gear DownVPress V to Gear Down
Gear Neutral.Press . to Gear Neutral
BurnoutLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Burnout
Toggle Autopilot5Press 5 to Toggle Autopilot
Siren6Press 6 to Siren
Drive ModeQPress Q to Use Drive Mode
HornHPress H to Horn
Right Signal2Press 2 to Use Right Signal
Left Indicator1Press 1 to Use Left Indicator
Hazard Lights3Press 3 to Use Hazard Lights
Headlight4Press 4 to Use Headlight
Change CameraCPress C to Change the Camera
Look Left,Press , to Look Left
Look Right.Press . to Look Right
Reset Camera9Press 9 to Reset the Camera
Interact 1XPress X to Interact 1
Interact 2ZPress Z to Interact 2
Control PanelTabPress Tab to Open Control Panel
Increase SpeedPage UpPress Page Up to Increase Speed
Decrease SpeedPage DownPress Page Down to Decrease Speed
Hide UIAlt + ZPress Alt + Z to Hide UI
MapEnterPress Enter to Open Map
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