Mountain Top Guide – Destiny 2

This guide explains how you can get to the mountain top fast in the game by using different modes like dawnblade, lunafaction boots, and others. The complete method is discussed below to achieve a mountaintop in the game. 

The Quest you will look at first will be the Ascent. It is a four-step quest.

The first step of it is also called the first of many. It allows you to reach glory rank brave within a season. It takes about five to six wins for you to reach the glory brave. After that, things are a bit complex in the second step, and this step is called the third wave. This step requires you to complete “In pursuit of honor.”

This step will take you longer to complete as you will need 750 grenade launcher kills and 75 grenade double launcher kills along with 25 calculated trajectory medals. It is recommended to play momentum control in order to get 75 grenade double launcher kills and 25 calculated trajectory medals.

In this mode, you have to do a large amount of weapon damage. The snipers can hit body shots, and the scouts can shoot the heads. The grenade launcher can kill anyone they touch. If you want a full loadout lash build, you can use the middle tree dawn blade warlock.

You can also use the exotic armor lunafaction boots, which look like this.

Now to use something for your kinetic weapons, you can use the Militia’s Birthright.

For your Energy weapons, you can use the Martyrs Retribution, or you can use Fighting lions as well.

For your power weapon, you can use any legendary grenade launcher like the proximity grenade. 

You can even use The Colony for it as well.

You must run the reload modes with grenade launchers.

You can also use the Grenade launcher Scavenger Modes.

You can further use the Intellect Mode to maximize how many times you can use super in the match.

Martyrs Retribution was only available during the Season of dawn. If you don’t have this Season, you can use the fighting lion with the proximity grenade launcher, but if you have martyrs retribution, you will use it with the colony. 

Once you get your Super, you will need to put your well of radiance down in a high traffic area and let the martyrs shoot at the floors, and the bulk amount of fire will make your work easier. It is recommended that if you are using the martyrs of retribution, then you should not use the Militia’s Birthright, but if you are using the fighting lions, then you can use the Militia’s Birthright as the fighting lions take primary ammo.

If you are using the fighting lions, then instead of shooting at the ground, you should shoot the enemy. This method will do a large amount of damage by afflicting the double kills and the calculated trajectories. 

Calculated trajectories are earned when you defeat three opponents with grenade launchers in one life. There are two other playlists that you can play. The first one being the Iron Banners which will award you with double progress.

The second playlist is the Survival playlist which will award you about triple the progress.

The third part of the Quest is reaching a glory-ranked fable, and the last part of the Quest will make you return to the shacks and claim a brand new mountaintop. In this way, you will be able to get to the mountaintop fastly in the game.  

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