Muddy Waters Mission Guide Shadow Company USB Stick & Intel Locations

This guide will let you know how to complete the Muddy Waters mission in Call Of Duty DMZ. It will provide you with the Shadow Company USB Stick & Intel locations.

To find the first one, you must go to the Ashika Island Beach Club Observatory in the water at the southern tip of the map.

Swim down below, break a window, and you’ll find it in a small canister.

The next one is the power plant in the north-central area of the map. You can enter from the underground Waterway, but this area is difficult. It is a stronghold, so you will need a stronghold key to gain access. After getting inside, head up the ladder, there will be a small computer station, and you will find the documentation on the floor.

The final one is probably the hardest, you will find it in a small shipping container in the Waterway. The Juggernaut-type enemies spawn also spawn there. There are multiple entrances but it is recommended to use the southeast one.

Once there, just follow the walkway next to the water all the way up to the end and you will find it in a small shipping container.