The Mysterious Wreck Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is a complete The Mysterious Wreck Quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the quest.

You will need hardwood, rope, clay, and iron ingots.

The first thing is the hardwood. Now if you look at the map hardwood can be found in the forest of valor everywhere.

There’s also some hardwood in the glade of trust, only a couple of spawn points around the lakes. But if you go to the force of valor, every hour or so and there should be a couple of hardwood each time.

To make rope, you will need seaweed, and to get seaweed, you have to fish into a lake that doesn’t have a circle. Just fish into any part of the lake and you’ll always have a chance to catch seaweed.

You need about eight or ten seaweed to make rope. To make the rope at the crafting station, you have to select the fiber that seaweed gives you, and then use the fiber to make rope. You need four fibers to make one rope and you have to make seven pieces of rope.

To get the cay, just dig up in clay pits it is in the glade of trust shown on the map.

Now iron ore is found in the forest of valor and gladder trust, the plateau, the force of heights, brown lance. It’s located in these rocks on the side.

So just find iron ore by mining the stones and it will also give you some gems. Then you’re going to take it to the crafting table and make iron ingots, it will take 50 iron ore to make 10 iron ingots.

Once you crafted the iron ingots and have all the other items, you need to go talk to Goofy.

Once you talked to Goofy, go back to the crafting table and craft the repair kit.

Then go back and talk to Goofy to complete the quest.

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