My Summer Car: Save Game (Great Car with lots of Money)

My summer car is far more than a car game unlike other conventional care games. A vast majority of players acknowledge that it’s one of the hardest car games and it’s no exaggeration. It’s a car building, owning, fixing and tuning permadeath care game where you have to take numerous loose parts and assemble them from scratch.

Most of the players have expressed their deepest satisfaction about the game. They like the intense attention given to minute details in the game and also the gratification one derives after a long wait as assembling the care takes a couple of hours. Doing all this is real fun according to the gamers.

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My Summer Car: Save Game demonstration

Here we will be giving you a demonstration on how you can use this save game to get new cars and money:

1) Click on My_Summer_Car_Game Save and click then click on Extract Here afterwards.

Here is an illustration below:

2) On extracting it, a new folder with the name My Summer Car containing some files will appear on the screen as you can see in the picture below:

3) now you will have to delete the file My_Summer_Car_Game Save.

4) Now, open the folder with the name My Summer Car and copy the files.

5) Now click the icon GM and a box will open up for you.

6) Typing AppData and clicking OK will open a page with 3 folders as shown below:

7) Now open the folder named ”LocalLow”

8) Now open the folder named Amistech

9) Opening the folder Amistech will take you to the folder named My Summer Car. Open the folder and delete all the files.

10) Going all through this process will help you save the game and you will have to start it over again.

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