New Commando is Weird in Halo Infinite

In this guide, you will come to know why the new Commando is weird in the Halo Infinite game. 

The impact commando is a very strange rifle. It is wildly inaccurate overall while holding an extra 20 bullets (40 overall), and it takes six bullets to kill a Spartan.

It is exceptionally inaccurate if holding down the trigger; the bloom on the impact commando is ridiculous.

The impact commando is more manageable when closer to a target, but even then, it’s random where the bullet will land due to bloom.

There seem to be two ways to use the impact commando to spray and pray at very close range while holding down the shoot.

Or to manually burst fire the gun with the succession of 2 to 3 bullets allows the bloom to retract every time slowly, and it allows more shots to hit mid to long-range targets.

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