This guide will show the new locations of fruits that were added during the 1.5 update in the Stardew Valley game. The new location added is the ginger island.

The ginger island is being unlocked in the update 1.5. Now you will be able to use the golden walnuts in order to unlock the trading post. Make your way to the trading post and unlock it by giving away golden walnuts.

And then buy banana and mango tree sapling and pineapple seeds from there. The next thing you need to do is to plant these fruits. Go to the beach farm and plant the fruits.

You will find a banana and mango tree on this farm, take some bananas and mangoes for yourself. And there will be some pineapples grown on the ground, you can pick them up as well.

The best place to grow taro plants is near the water stream and their seeds can be obtained from the fire mountain. Head towards the water stream and collect taro roots from the pants. You can use these taro roots in future to purchase different items.

Ginger island is named because of the growth of ginger. It can be found anywhere on the island and you can harvest it using your hoe.

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