Goal Challenge Jailbreak Roblox

The Roblox Jailbreak Brand New Goal Challenge provides you and the whole server with exclusive rims. This guide will let you know how and where you can perform this glitch.

Before you start the challenge, you have to find the Beach Ball located by a Wind Turbine.

Next, you have to bring the Beach Ball all the way to the goal by the Museum.

Now getting the Ball to the Goal is one of the hardest things in Jailbreak.

What makes it hard is that you can only push the ball with a vehicle. As well as the ball bounces and can roll away. This task is very long and hard but it is easiest with multiple people. Once the ball goes in the Goal, it will disappear and a notification will appear in chat. The notification is that you completed the Challenge and that everyone in the server received exclusive Rims.

What makes it worth doing is that not only do you get exclusive rims but the whole server does as well.


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