New Mangler is Berserk in Halo Infinite

This guide will find why the new Mangler is berserk in Halo Infinite.

The Riven Mangler is a slight upgrade to the regular; it can kill the Spartans in two shots instead of three.

It now shoots three spikes instead of one, meaning there is an increase in the overall DPS of the gun. It is the reason it can now kill with two shots.

The Riven Mangler can also kill without a headshot when enemy shields are lowered as long as you hit multiple spikes.

It will still take three shots at certain ranges if you do not hit all the spikes.

The Riven ManglerMangler also has a very slightly slower rate of fire comparison to the regular ManglerMangler to compensate for its three-shot acting similar to a shotgun (RIP mauler). 

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