NO TEDDY BEAR! Murder Mystery 2 Glitches

This guide will provide you with an easy Murder Mystery 2 glitch. Go through the guide and follow all the steps to perform these glitches, even on mobile. 

This first one is about the glitches in Murder Mystery 2. You need to know how to corner clip in r15 to do most of these glitches (except one). 

It’s different from the normal corner clip, you probably know. Meanwhile, in the lobby, if you go here.


Put your back against the wall, open the emotes, and open Roblox emotes. Press the laugh and zoom in or turn on the shift lock at the bottom of the laugh. 

Zoom in or press shift lock a few times.

It’s a pretty useless glitch.

You can use the same thing to get out.

We will guide you about the corner clip once; after that, say “corner clip” to refer to it.

You will need to align the left side of your avatar to the corner like this.

Put the camera in front of your avatar, then zoom in or shift lock.

You can corner clip here to teleport.

You can also use the gears to move.

If you look under the map here, you will find “Auto-Updater” very weird.

The corner clip needs the default or robot idle animation to work.

You can corner clip here.

There are weird texts through this wall; you can see them using the shift lock.

And then corner clip on this door.

You can corner clip here to teleport into the wall.

The next place isn’t a glitch, but people never notice you there.

If people are teaming or have an x-ray, they can kill you there.

You have to go there, hold right, and jump.

You can corner clip here to get in the elevator.

In this map, if you go to the third floor, there is a corner you can glitch on.

You can see other people from here.

And you can corner clip here. 

This guy’s hat disappears and then appears randomly.

Don’t go too close to the gate thing; you might get stabbed.

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