Noodle Arms Codes 2022

Noodle Arms is a Roblox game where you will need to roam around the map to collect coins. You can use your noodle arms to swing around the map or jump into the cannons. Explore the map and find out the hidden secrets. You can also bring your friends into the Noodle Arms game.

Active Codes

alberUse it to get Chill Arms
bagofCoinsUse it to get 100 Coins
burningUse it to get 50 Coins
cashmoneyUse it to get 100 Coins
dreamswordUse it to get a Dream Sword
extraCoinsUse it to get 100 Coins
freeCoinsUse it to get 50 Coins
freezerUse it to get Ice Cube Arms
magmaUse it to get 100 Coins
meteorUse it to get Meteor Arms
superhotUse it to get 50 Coins
swissUse it to get Cheese Arms
treasureupdatehypeUse it to get 250 Coins
volcanicUse it to get 100 Coins
wheatUse it to get Bread Arms

Expired Codes

No expired codes yet!

How do I redeem codes in Noodle Arms?

Just click the Twitter button on the side of the screen, copy a code from our list, and paste it into the “Code” textbox. Then hit the Redeem button and you’re done!

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