Nordic Warriors – Controls Guide

Nordic Warriors is a Real-Time Tactical game that is inspired by the classic “Myth” series. It is set in a world descending into an existential struggle for survival.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Nordic Warriors.

Pan Camera ForwardWPress W to Pan Camera Forward
Pan Camera BackwardSPress S to Pan Camera Backward
Pan Camera LeftAPress A to Pan Camera Left
Pan Camera RightDPress D to Pan Camera Right
Orbit Camera LeftQPress Q to Orbit Camera Left
Orbit Camera RightEPress E to Orbit Camera Right
Camera OrbitMiddle Mouse Button or TabPress Middle Mouse Button or Tab to Use Camera Orbit
Zoom InMouse Wheel UpPress Mouse Wheel Up to Zoom In
Zoom OutMouse Wheel DownPress Mouse Wheel Down to Zoom Out
Camera ResetZPress Z to Reset the Camera
Full Camera Reset\Press \ to Completely reset the camera
Stop AttackSpacebarPress Spacebar to Stop Attack
Hold PositionHPress H to Hold Position
Unhold PositionGPress G to Unhold Position
Attack GroundCtrlPress Ctrl to Attack Ground
ConvertTPress T to Convert
Heal / Plant MineRPress R to Heal / Plant Mine
Increase Game SpeedNum + or CPress Num + or C to Increase Game Speed
Decrease Game SpeedNum – or XPress Num – or X to Decrease Game Speed
Reset Game SpeedVPress V to Reset Game Speed
PauseEsc or PPress Esc or P to Pause
Formation Preset 1F1Press F1 to Use Formation Preset 1
Formation Preset 2F2Press F2 to Use Formation Preset 2
Formation Preset 3F3Press F3 to Use Formation Preset 3
Formation Preset 4F4Press F4 to Use Formation Preset 4
Formation Preset 5F5Press F5 to Use Formation Preset 5
Formation Preset 6F6Press F6 to Use Formation Preset 6
Formation Preset 7F7Press F7 to Use Formation Preset 7
Formation Preset 8F8Press F8 to Use Formation Preset 8
Formation Preset 9F9Press F9 to Use Formation Preset 9
Formation Preset 0F10Press F10 to Use Formation Preset 0
Formation – LineNum 1 or Alpha 1Press Num 1 or Alpha 1 to Use Formation – Line
Formation – Double LineNum 2 or Alpha 2Press Num 2 or Alpha 2 to Use Formation – Double Line
Formation – Chess LineNum 3 or Alpha 3Press Num 3 or Alpha 3 to Use Formation – Chess Line
Formation – Half CircleNum 4 or Alpha 4Press Num 4 or Alpha 4 to Use Formation – Half Circle
Formation – TriangleNum 5 or Alpha 5Press Num 5 or Alpha 5 to Use Formation – Triangle
Formation – BoxNum 6 or Alpha 6Press Num 6 or Alpha 6 to Use Formation – Box
Formation – CircleNum 7 or Alpha 7Press Num 7 or Alpha 7 to Use Formation – Circle
Formation – Hollow BoxNum 8 or Alpha 8Press Num 8 or Alpha 8 to Use Formation – Hollow Box
Go LeftLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Go Left
Go RightRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Go Right
Show / Hide MinimapBPress B to Show / Hide Minimap
Show / Hide HP BarsFPress F to Show / Hide HP Bars
Quick SaveAlt + /Press Alt + / to Quickly Save
Global ChatEnterPress Enter to Open Global Chat
Team ChatShift + EnterPress Shift + Enter to Open Team Chat
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