Odin Valhalla Rising – Step by Step Log in Guide

In this brief guide, you will learn how to log in to ODIN Valhalla Rising Android Game.

Step 1: Install QooApp or taptap. Install Korean VPN. 

Prepare these two apps on your phone.

Step 2: Uninstall the game (if you already downloaded it)

Step 3: Remove your sim card and change the phone’s language to Korean. Take out your sim card and turn off your phone first. 

After that, go to the phone settings, language then change it to Korean. Take a screenshot of your menu layout as you going to need it later. 

Step 4: Activate your Korean VPN 

Connect VPN before you download the game APK from QooApp or tap tap.

Step 5: Install the game from QooApp or tap tap.

Step 6: Run the game; you will be automatically connected to your Google play account if successful. Now you will need to download the game files.

Step 7: Once you can play the game, restart your phone, put the sim card back in, and restore your phone language.

Make sure you remember the settings layout of your phone ( refer to the screenshot taken earlier); otherwise, it will be difficult to restore the language

Step 8: After that, you have to activate the Korean VPN and run the game like normal. 

But there is no guarantee this trick works on all phone models.

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